Spring Enrollment

Spring 2018 course enrollment is now open.

If we are able to approve your request (determined by seat availability, course prerequisites, instructor considerations), instructions will be sent regarding the formal registration process through CITL. If you know of courses you are interested in that are not listed below, we can review your options.

Please contact Karla Lucht at (217) 244-3810 or ischool-continuinged [at] illinois.edu if you have questions or need assistance.


  • Requests are approved based on availability of seats, etc.
  • Online courses are live, synchronous sessions which meet once a week.
  • Times listed are Central Time
  • Deadline to register 
    • January 5th, 2018

Request for Approval to Enroll

Some available courses:

Online On-Campus
IS 404AO Lit and Resources for Young Adults IS 404AG Lit and Resources for Young Adults
IS 409AO Storytelling IS 452BG Foundations of Info Processing
IS 418AO Community Engagement IS 462A Information Assurance
IS 445AO Information Books and Resources for Youth IS 490GH Global Health Informatics
IS 451AO Intro to Networked Systems IS 490GI Geographic Information Systems
IS 490TEO Intro to Tech in LIS IS 490TE Intro to Tech in LIS
IS 504AO/AO2 Reference and Info Services IS 590AT Issues in Scholarly Communication
IS 505AO Administration of Libraries and Info Centers  
IS 515AO Media Literacy for Youth  
IS 516AO School Library Media Center  
IS 518AO Community Informatics  
IS 530GAO Law (Legal Resources)  
IS 590BBO Bookbinding  
IS 590GLO Local, Regional, Global Intersections in LIS  

All Spring courses (click on 490, 530, 590 for more options).

Please contact Karla Lucht at (217) 244-3810 or ischool-continuinged [at] illinois.edu if you have questions regarding continuing education at the iSchool.