Our students are given the unique opportunity to customize their programs according to their own academic and professional goals and interests. Students have the flexibility of personalizing their programs in a variety of ways, through coursework, specializations in a variety of focus areas, concentrations, or practical experiences.

In conjunction with an advisor, CAS students select a suite of courses and develop a plan to complete LIS 593, a culminating program project. These projects take on a variety of forms and fulfill 8 of the 40 required credit hours.

The information on this page is meant to serve as a starting point for shaping your program by providing access to tools, resources, and people who can help you make the most of your time.

  • Moodle Advising and Professional Exploration Guide: Students with an iSchool username and password can use the Moodle Advising Guide for news and announcements, important dates, and more information about registration and program planning.
  • Recent Syllabi: Take a look at past course syllabi to get an idea of what projects, readings, or specific topics are involved in a course.
  • Degree Specializations: One way to personalize and organize your program is through a specialization, for which students take a prescribed set of courses in a specific area of LIS. Check out this page for detailed information about available specializations.
  • Explore Careers: It’s never too early to start thinking about a job, and it can be beneficial to explore future career options as you design your program. Look through these pages for job searching resources and advice, opportunities for practical experience, and to set up a meeting with Career Services.
  • Faculty Contact and Research Information: Find contact information for our renowned core faculty members and exceptionally strong team of adjunct and affiliated faculty. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members whose areas of research align with their own academic and professional interests.

Students are encouraged to contact their assigned faculty advisor or myself with any questions.

Meg Edwards
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
mbedward [at]
(217) 244-3776