Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) Projects

Note: the CAS Project was not required for fulfillment of the CAS until 1982.


Amy Power
Complementary and Alternative Medicine as a New Mainstream in Public Libraries


Kristyn Caragher
Anti-Oppression Workshop Series at the University Library

Heidi Uphoff
A Usability Study of SciTech Connect, the Department of Energy's Public Access Portal


Coyle, Joseph
Library Services for Youth in Custody

Helregel, Nicole
Library Marketing: Education & Practice

Short, Matthew
The Dime Novel Ontology Project: Modeling Late 19th Century Popular Fiction


Ahonsi, Athonia
Resource Description and Access (RDA) Handbook for Facilitating the Understanding of RDA Rules by Librarians and Catalogers in English Speaking Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Armstrong, Melanie
A Curriculum to Remediate Information Literacy Knowledge and Skills Deficits in Students at Sauk Valley Community College

Jin, Sun Young (Boaz)
A Model and Roles of a Common Terminology to Improve Metadata Interoperability


Dean, Tricia
Religious Choice for Young Adults: An Introduction to the Information Issues

Eisner, Nadene Susan
Engaging Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in the School Library: A Handbook for Teacher-Librarians

Harbeson, Eric
Online Access to Institutional Recordings: An Analysis of Copyright Issues

Larson, Miriam Betty
In Search of Culturally Relevant Library Practice: A Case Study Examination of Race and Racism in the School Library

Popp, Tracy
Developing Policies, Procedures and Workflows for Stewarding Born Digital Collections in the University Library and University Archives at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Shasteen, Ruth Herron
Leadership and the School Librarian


Brocato, Linde M.
Publishing, Typography, and Politics: Mena’s Works and the Parallel Editions of Antwerp, 1552

DeJonker-Berry, Debra Ann
Digital Libraries in Small Communities: Developing a Sustainable Model for Massachusetts

Gibson, Robin Leah
Bringing the World to Your Community

Lapinsky, Jessica Wren
Keep Calm and Carry On: A Training Model for Integrated Disaster Response for Cultural Collections

Lucic, Ana
Characterizing Authorship Style: Contrasting Linguistic and Statistical Strategies

Morokawa, Hiromi
Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance in Civil Society: Case on the United Nations Volunteer Program

Perez, Celia Claudia
Social Media as Professional Development Tool: Developing a Blog about Latino Children’s and YA Literature


Hahn, James F.
Implementing Location-based Recommendation Services in Library Bookstacks

Lenstra, Noah James
E-Black Champaign-Urbana: Community Informatics and Cultural Heritage Information in a Low-Income Community

Petrella, Julia Burns
Music and School Libraries

Pirmann, Carrie M.
Using Tags to Improve Findability in Library OPACs: A Usability Study of Librarything for Libraries

Weyerhaeuser, George Walker
Automatic Subject Metadata Quality Assessment in IDEALS and MEDLINE Using the Conformance to Expectation Metric


Baumberger, Jill D.
Where Do I Start? Steps to Getting an Unused School Library Back on Track

Breakstone, Elizabeth Raife
How Much of Your Collection is Really Online? An Analysis of the Overlap of Printed and Digital Holdings at the University of Oregon Law Library

Conley, Laura A.
The Digital Librarian: Overcoming Barriers to Integrate Technology into the School Library Media Center

Jett, Jacob Guy
Supplementing OAI-PMH in the IMLS Digital Collections & Content Aggregation

Pederson, Anna Corrine
Libraries as Bridges Across the Digital Divide: Partnership and Approaches Used in the U.S. Technology Opportunities Program, 1994-2005


Anderson, Kimberly Seohban
Why National Board Certification is Important to School Librarianship

Diekman, Linda Mary
Exploring Research: Lessons Learned from Library Assessment

Edwards, Elizabeth Marie
Examining the Preparation for Reference-based Instruction among Academic Librarians

Edwards, Ryan Eric
Koha, Open-Source System Replacement for CSUCI Quicksilver ILS?


Bromann, Katrina Ann
Collaborating, Growing and Impacting Learners in a School Library Media Center

Fournier, Kimberly Anne
Information Literacy and the Net Generation: A Community College Perspective

Koteles, Colin J.
Existing Conformance to DLF/Aquifer MODS Implementation Guidelines

Voss, Elizabeth A.
A Critical Look at K-12 Student Learning in the Library Media Center

Winterhalter, Deidre Kellens
Common Assessment Portfolio for K-12 LIS Certification


Cree, Charity Lynn
Competencies of New Children's Librarians in Providing Services to Children in Public Libraries

Gaffney, Sean
Using Cocitation Analysis to Map the Literature of Food Science (2003-2005)

Larkee, Beth A.
Implementing Infrastructure for e-learning in Sub-Saharan Africa


Guthrie, Frank M.
Paragraph Theory an the Search for Meaning Against the Backdrop of American Intellectual History, 1865-1985


Konieczny, Alison Scott
Biomedical Collection Development

Peng, Weihong
Humanists' Views on Scholarly Electronic Publishing

Wheeler, William
Connecting Users to Collections: an Exploration of Intersections and Possibilities


Helms, Cynthia Potter
The Awareness and Attitudes of K-12 Educators of the U.S. Copyright Law and the Educational Fair Use Guidelines: Survey of K-12 Educators in Champaign-Ford Counties Illinois

Moyer, Jessica E.
The Educational and Recreational Outcomes of Fiction Reading by Public Library Patrons


Fuoss, Deborah Michelle
Redesign of the ERIC/EECE Web Site

Lee, Junghae
The Usability of the Online Library Catalog: Based on Three Evaluation Methods


Zhang, Junfang
Mining Liver-disorders Data with XCSI


Ding, Lei
Thesauri-Based Query Expansion and Inline Annotation for Flora

Sackett, Jennifer Ann
A Preservation Plan for J. S. Mack Library at Bob Jones University: Applying the Principle of Good Stewardship


Gaffney, Loretta M.
From Comstock to Family Friendly Libraries: A Comparative History of Censorship, Parental Rights and Library Services to Youth

Ritchie, Catherine J.
Collection Development of Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual-Related Adult Non-Fiction in Medium-Sized Illinois Public Libraries

Waldrep, Pamela J.
Disaster Recovery and Prevention Manual [Booth Library, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois]


Martin, Linnea S.
Pin the Tales on the Donkay: The Life of Libraries by Don Krummel as told to Linnea Martin


Borden, Amy Elizabeth
Electronic News on the World Wide Web: Its Possibilities, Potential, and Usefulness in Library Settings

Coppen, David Peter
The Public Life of Andrei Sakharov, 1966-1989: An Annotated Bibliography

Kolias, Joan Marie
The Design and Implementation of an Online Catalog for the Commonwealth Edison Corporate Library's Historical Documents using InMagic

Van Jacob, Scott Joseph
An Evaluation of Latin America Studies Materials Purchased by Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges from 1980 to 1989


Bertrand, Thomas Henry
Developing Internet Instructional Resources for McLean County Unit District 5


Costello, Suzanne Therese
Condition Survey of Book Papers in the Center for Children's Books Professional Collection

Dessouky, Ibetesam Abdel Rahman
The Present and Future Status of Information Sources for Industrial Engineering Students

Hansen, Irene
Reference Sources and Services for Genealogists: A Graduate Library School Course Outline and Bibliography

Liu, Ning
Lincoln Database: Library Browsing System


Nowak, Maria Gorecki
Historical Perspective on the Bibliographic Control of Microforms


Petrowski, Mary Jane
Connecting Bibliographic Instruction to Collection Development Using Term Paper Topic Analysis: Findings for the Undergraduate Collection


Chan, Siu-Yau
Computer Programming by Librarians in Illinois Special Libraries

Dillinger, Mary Ada
An Investigation of Bibliographic Instruction in Selected Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Dugan, Charlotte
Evaluation of Hypertext in Teaching a Library Skills Course

Guo, Youren
The Design and Implementation of an Interface for Communication, Online Searching and Online Catalog Maintenance

Surya, Radha
Audiovisual and Film Study Resources in Research Libraries


Betzold, MaryBeth
An Investigation of the Current Use and the Potential Use of Approval Plans in Public Libraries of Various Sizes

Gordon, Avishag
Centralization Versus Decentralization in Academic Libraries

Matthews, Priscilla J. Strange
Analysis of a Random Sample of FBR Name & Subject Authority Records for Types of Errors

O'Rourke, Carolyn Young
CELDS Acquisitions and Record Keeping

Ramachandran, Hemamalini
Preliminary Bibliography of Monographs on Indian Cinema


Chiang, Dudee
Application of the Bradford Distribution to Online Search Results: an Online Bibliometric Study

Cunningham, Willis Franklin
IGO (International Government Organization) Depository Collections in U.S. Libraries: Development of a Directory

Diehl, Susan Jean
The Public Library Users Perception of Library Use Instruction

Elzy, Cheryl Asper
A Comparison of Notable Children's Books and Children's Choices: Are We Really Choosing Books for Children?


Baker, John Mark
Learning How to Retrieve Information the Correct Way!

Han, Eun-Gyoung
Comparison of Self-Service Database Searching and SilverPlatter ERIC on CD-ROM

Lee, Sun-Yoon Kim
Do Korean Mathematicians Cite Differently Whether They Publish in Korea or Abroad?

Xia, Yun
Computer-Aided Job Hunting: Design of an Interactive Computer Online Searching System for the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science Placement Services


Booze, Ellistine Anita
Stratification in Librarianship (with Emphasis on Women as a Category of Library Workers)

Bradford, Roberta King
Inexpensive Modifications to an Existing CLSI System to Create 'User-Friendly' Interface

Holmes, Norman Walter
Computer Assisted Shelf Management System

Olive, Cynthia Marie
Expectations about Catalogers 1921-1987


Hecker, Margaret [Prentice]
Public Domain Software

Tsay, Ming-Yueh
A Bibliometric Study of Indexing and Abstracting, 1876-1976

Wright, Joyce Crawford
Job Opportunities for Academic and Public Librarians: 1980-1984


Gilliland, Anne
A Comparative Study of Automated Access Systems which Provide Direct Rapid Use Access to Data Concerning Archival Holdings and Subject Content

Moreo, Stan David
The Microcomputer: What Is It? How Does It Function? What Is Its Role in the Library?


Eckert, Sharon Stine
The Pluralism of Rural: A Survey of Reference Service in Iowa Public Libraries Serving a Population of Less Than 2,500

Fujii, Akiko
Overlapping Coverage of Energy Information Abstracts by Eight Secondary Services

Koch, Jean Soulier
Newspaper Indexing: The Urbana Courier

Miller, Kathryn Prichard
Preparation and Maintenance of Beat Files in The Daily Illini Library


Otsu, Kiyoshi
A Bibliometric Study of Japanese Scientific Publications

Rinne, Martha [Bock]
Computer-based Education: a Review and Index to Software Applications


Mills, Terry R.
The University of Illinois Film Center Collection Use Study

Phenix, Katharine J.
Women's Studies Pathfinders: a CAI Project