Completed Master's Theses


Conway, Patricia Claire 
Radical Engagement: Public Library Partnerships with Activist Organizations for Young Adult Programming.


Anderson, Brian Daniel
Examining the Relationship between Law Libraries and Democracy in Transitional States – A Case Study of the Republic of Congo.

Gregory, Clay E.
Location-Targeted Measurement of Perceived Stress.


Christiansen, Leighton L.
The Pres/urrection of Deena Larsen's "Marble Springs, Second Edition."


Barranis, Nanthida Joy
Altering User Perceptions of Applications: How System Design Can Impact Playfulness and Anxiety.

Ford, Kevin Michael
The Application of File Identification, Validation, and Characterization Tools in Digital Curation.


Gross, Margaret Kathryn
Sense-making in Theory and Practice: A Metatheoretical Foundation and Application for Health Information Seeking.

Lugya, Fredrick Kiwuwa
Successful Resource Sharing in Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois: Lessons for Developing Countries.

Mierek, Joanne
Interrelating with Animals: Nonhuman Selves in the Literary Imagination.


Huang, Shu-wen
Comparative Analysis of Molecular Networks in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Leiomyosarcoma.


Cheng, Jing
New Measures for the Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems: LER and MLER.

Elia, Anthony J.  
Textolatry (or, Worshipping the Text): Experiential Reading Practices and the Roles of Physical vs. E-text Media Among Seminary Faculty.

Jeong, Seonhee
Sustainable Online Community Model for Generalized Exchange: Collective Production of Public Goods.


Chilana, Parmit Kaur
Investigating Information-Seeking Activities of Computer Scientists in Bioinformatics.

Parcels, Clayton Ross
Hell Forgotten and Remembered: Essays on Menominee’s Company L and Hill 212 in Memory, Hhistory and the Archives.


Chee, Brant Wah Kwong
Using Small World Clustering for Semantic Segmentation of Large Archives into Community Collections.


Beck, Richard Allen
National Emergency Mapping Information System.

Gage, Jill Elizabeth
A Bibliography of a Reader: The Extra-illustrated Books of John M. Wing.

Hover, Paul Lloyd
Traces in the Sand: Arabic Books and Knowledge Diffusion.


Bradley, Rachael Leigh
Authenticity and Integrity in Digital Cultural Heritage Repositories.

Harris, Lydia Eato
An Exploratory Study of a Woman’s Voluntary Organization as an Information System.

Liebler, Raizel Nicole
Institutions of Learning or Havens for Illegal Activities: How the Supreme Court Views Libraries and Librarians.


Knutson, Ellen Marlene
Building Civic Literacy for Democracy: Russian Libraries and Civil Society.


Davis, Stephanie Lyn Delano
Special Librarians and Corporate Intranets: Assuming New Responsibilities, Acquiring New Roles.


Bellinger, Charles Kilby
Electronic Journals and the Future of Scholarly Communication in the Humanities.

Neginsky, Rosina
Biological Foundations for the Brain’s Linguistic Abilities.


Robinson, Elmer Richard
The Brief History of Computer Memory.


Quandt, Kenneth Patrick
Pages of Hate: White Nationalists on the World Wide Web.


Bade, David Warren
Polsko-mengolska Polka: Bibliografia prac polaków oraz prac wydanych w polsce.

Munson, Kurt Immel
The Vikings: A Select Bibliography of Sources in English, 1975-1992.


Siess, Judith A.
Information Needs and Information-gathering Behavior of Research Engineers.


Sexton, Marie Ann
Computer Information Retrievable Data Bases and Multinational Business Planning.


Borowski, Joseph F.
A Comparison of the Reading Interests of Kankakee Senior High School Students with Those Revealed in Nationwide Surveys.


Martin, Alice M.
The Music Library: Physical Considerations.


Berg, Virginia Anna
History of the Urbana Free Library, 1874-1894.


Kraus, Joe Walker
Messrs. Copeland & Day, 69 Cornhill, Boston, 1893-1899.


McMullen, Charles Haynes
The Publishing Activities of Robert Clarke & Co., 1858-1909.

Milczewski, Marion Anthony
Personality Rating of Library School Students.


Huntington, Lucile
Rare Book Collections in College and University Libraries: A Survey of Administrative Practices.


Settelmayer, John C.
Periodical Reading of Employed Graduates of the University of Illinois Library School, 1927-1934: A Study in Professional Development.


Houkom, Alf
The Reading Interests of Educated People.


Kyle, Eleanor Rachel
Early Ohio Imprints.


Webb, Helmer Lewis
Recreational Reading of College Students.