Completed Dissertations

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Ahmed, Shameem
mHeath Literacy: Characterizing People's Ability to Use Smartphone-based Health-related Applications

Lugya, Fredrick
Evaluation Criteria for Search Discovery Systems: An Analysis of User Search Strategies and Behavior

Smith, Mikki (Dawn)
Print Networks and Youth Information Culture: Young People, Amateur Publishing, and Children's Periodicals, 1867-1890

Baker, Karen
Data Work Configurations in the Field-Based Natural Sciences:Mesoscale Infrastructures, Project Collectives, and Data Gateways

D'Arpa, Christine
"Procure, Propagate, and Distribute Among the People": The Information Service Functions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1862-1888

Kim, Jinseok
The Impact of Author Name Disambiguation on Knowledge Discovery from Large-Scale Scholarly Data

Lucic, Ana
Summarization of Biomedical Texts by Utilizing the Information Extracted from Comparative Sentences

Serbanuta, Claudia
Voices from the Other Side of the Wall: The Case of Romanian Libraries of the 1970s and the 1980s

Thomer, Andrea
Site-based data curation: bridging data collection protocols and curatorial processes at scientifically significant sites

Velez, LaTesha
James E. Shepard and North Carolina Central University, the Man and the Message: a Context-Sensitive, Discourse Analysis of "God Bless Old North Carolina"


Bettivia, Rhiannon
Encoding Power: The Scripting of Archival Structures in Digital Spaces using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model

Duffy, Damian
Educational Hypercomics: Learners, Institutions, and Comics in E-Learning Interface Design.

Leetaru, Kalev Hannes
Can We Forecast Conflict? Forecasting Global Human Behavior at the Macro-Societal Level Using Surface-Level Emotional and Thematic Indicators For Remote Media-Based Population Assessment

Lenstra, Noah
The Community Informatics of an Aging Society: A Comparative Case Study of Public Libraries and Senior Centers

Smith, Brittany Noell
Motivation and Skill Acquisition in an Online Amateur Multimedia Community: A Case Study

Villa-Nicholas, Melissa
Latinas in Telecommunications: Intersectional Experiences in the Bell System


Bloch, Naomi
Deliberating Environmental Policy: Information Seeking and Use in Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committees.

Chao, Tiffany
Methods Metadata: Curating Scientific Research Data for Reuse.

Ginger, Jeffrey
Capturing The Context of Digital Literacy: A Case Study of Illinois Public Libraries in Underserved Communities.

Luo, Yang
The Genesis of Youth Services in Public Libraries in China, 1912-1937.

Nappo, Caroline Marie
Libraries and the System of Information Provision in the 1930s United States: The Transformation of Technology, Access, and Policy.

Organisciak, Piotr (Peter)
Design Problems in Crowdsourcing: Improving the Quality of Crowd-based Data Collection

Sacchi, Simone
What Do We Mean by “Preserving Information”? Towards Sound Conceptual Foundations for Digital Stewardship.

Weber, Nicholas
A Framework for Analyzing the Sustainability of Peer Produced Science Commons.

Yeo, ShinJoung
Behind the Search Box: The Political Economy of a Global Internet Industry.


Dousa, Thomas M.
Julius Otto Kaiser and His Method of Systematic Indexing: An Early Indexing System in its Historical Context.

Rhinesmith, Colin
The Social Shaping of Cloud Computing: An Ethnography of Infrastructure in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Roberts, Sarah T. 
Behind the Screen: The Hidden Digital Labor of Commercial Content Moderation.


Sweeney, Miriam E.
Not Just a Pretty (Inter) Face: A Critical Analysis of Microsoft’s ‘Ms. Dewey’.


Comstock, Sharon L.
A Case Study of Legitimate Literacies: Teens’ “Small World” and the School Library.

Gaffney, Loretta Mary
Intellectual Freedom and the Politics of Reading: Libraries as Sites of Conservative Activism, 1990-2010.

Huggins, Sujin
“How Did We Get Here?” An Examination of the Collection of Contemporary Caribbean Juvenile Literature in the Children’s Library of the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago and Trinidadian Children’s Responses to Selected Titles.

Khanal, Navadeep
The Lens of Postcolonial Theory in LIS Research and Practice.

Lim, Yeo Joo
Seriously, What Are They Reading? An Analysis of Korean Children’s Reading Behavior Regarding Educational Graphic Novels.

Noble, Safiya Umoja
Searching for Black Girls: Old Traditions in New Media.

Urban, Richard J.
Principle Paradigm Revisiting the Dublin Core 1:1 Principle.

Wickett, Karen Michelle
Collection/Item Metadata Relationships.


Chee, Brant Wah Kwong
Exploring Machine Learning Techniques Using Patient Interactions in Online Health Forums to Classify Drug Safety.

Chen, Minjie
"Friends and Foes on the Battlefield": A Study of Chinese and U.S. Youth Literature about the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1943).

Choi, Yunseon
Usefulness of Social Tagging in Organizing and Providing Access to the Web: An Analysis of Indexing Consistency and Quality.

Ruan, Lian J.
Information-Seeking and Sharing Behaviors Among Fire Service Field Staff Instructors: A Qualitative Study.

Rubenstein, Ellen L.
"It's a Microcosm of Life": Weaving a Web of Information and Support in an Online Breast Cancer Community.

Spelke, Kenneth A.
Factors Affecting Selection of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions.

Wei, Qin
Information Fusion in Taxonomic Descriptions.

Wright, Daniel T.
Information and the Evolution of Codon Bias.

Xiang, Xin
A Network Approach to Topic Summary and Knowledge Discovery in Social Tagging.

Zhang, Hong
Personal Information Organization and Re-Access in Computer Folders: An Empirical Study of Information Workers.


Gross, Benjamin M.
Online Identifiers in Everyday Life.

Hardy, Christa Valencia
Piecing a Quilt: Jessie Carney Smith and the Making of African American Women's History.

Healey, Paul
Uncertainty Management in Reference Interactions with Pro Se Law Library Users.

Hu, Xiao
Improving Music Mood Classification Using Lyrics, Audio and Social Tags.

Jones, M. Cameron
Remix and Reuse of Source Code in Software Production.

Nielsen, Anna L.
Invisible Scarlet O'Neil and the Whitman Authorized Editions for Girls: Homefront Representations of the American Feminine and the Feminine Heroic during World War II.

Zavalina, Oksana Lvivna
Collection-Level Subject Access in Aggregations of Digital Collections: Metadata Application & Use.


Choi, Heekyung
A Qualitative Study of Student Perspectives and Experiences in an Information Technology Education.

Cragin, Melissa H.
Scientific Data Collections: Use in Scholarly Communication and Implications for Data Curation.

Gretencord, Timnah Card
From Outreach to Engagement: An Actor-Network-Theory Analysis of Attracting Spanish-Speaking Participants to Public Programming.

Gruzd, Anatoliy Anatoliyovych
Automated Discovery of Social Networks in Online Learning Communities.

Jackson, Larry S.
Website Structure.

Kyrillidou, Martha
Item Sampling in Service Quality Assessment Surveys to Improve Response Rates and Reduce Respondent Burden: The “LibQUAL+® Lite” Randomized Control Trial (RCT).

Linton, Norma J.
Connecting: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Older Adults in a Retirement Community.

Park, Sarah Y.
Representations of Transracial Korean Adoption in Children's Literature.

Rebaza, Claudia M.
The Modern Coterie: Fan Fiction Writers as a Community of Practice.


Knutson, Ellen Marlene
Building Civic Literacy for Democracy: Russian Libraries and Civil Society.

Lee, Jin Ha
Analysis of Information Features in Natural Language Queries for Music Information Retrieval: Use Patterns and Accuracy.

Li, Wei
Online Knowledge Sharing in a Multinational Corporation: Chinese and American Practices.

Rathi, Dinesh
Mining Help Desk Emails for Problem Domain Identification and Email Feature Engineering for Routing Incoming Emails.

Singh, Vandana
Knowledge, Creation, Sharing and Reuse in Online Technical Support for Open Source Software.

Welch, Cindy C.
Broadcasting the Profession: The American Library Association and the National Children's Radio Hour.


Brock, André
Race, the Internet, and the Hurricane: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Black Identity Online During the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Del Negro, Janice M.
A Trail of Stones and Breadcrumbs: Evaluating Folktales Published for Youth in the 20th Century, 1905-2000.

Hogan, Timothy P.
Information and the Management of Treatment in Chronic Illness: A Qualitative Study of People Living with HIV-Disease.

Latham, Joyce M.
White Collar Read: The American Public Library and the Left-Led CIO: A Case Study of the Chicago Public Library, 1929-1952.

McDowell, Kathleen (Kate)
The Cultural Origins of Youth Services Librarianship, 1876-1900.

Mitts Smith, Debra
What Is a Wolf?: The Construction of Social, Cultural, and Scientific Knowledge in Children's Books.

Nazarova, Muzhgan
Service Learning and Career Development: A Case Study in Library and Information Science.

Pluzhenskaia, Marina A.
Publication and Citation Analysis of Disciplinary Connections of Library and Information Science Faculty in Accredited Schools.

Tang, Xiaoyu
Extraction and Use of Structured Information in Full-Text Retrieval: A Case Study.

Taylor, Joan Bessman
When Adults Talk in Circles: Book Groups and Contemporary Reading Practices.


Joshi, Keren Moses
Literate Attachments in a Multilingual Kindergarten: A Case Study.

Lastra, Sarai
Making Sense of Community Informatics: The Development and Application of the Community Event Research Method.

Montague, Rae-Anne
Riding the Waves: A Case Study of Learners and Leaders in Library and Information Science Education.

Stvilia, Besiki
Measuring Information Quality.

Wang, Jun
Computational Approaches to Linguistic Consensus.

Yu, Bei
An Evaluation of Text Classification Methods for Literary Study.


Craig, Alan B.
Information Content and Communication in Virtual Reality.

Hagar, Christine B
The Farming Community in Crisis: The Information Needs of Cumbrian Farmers During the UK 2001 Foot and Mouth Outbreak and the Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Cui, Hong
Automating Semantic Markup of Semi-Structured Text Via an Induced Knowledge Base: A Case-Study Using Floras.

Sandusky, Robert John
Information, Activity and Social Order in Distributed Work: The Case of Distributed Software Problem Management.


Mehra, Bharat
The Cross-Cultural Learning Process of International Doctoral Students: A Case Study in Library and Information Science Education.

von Thaden, Terry Lee
Information Behavior in Aviation: Distributed Practice on the Flightdeck.


Kimball, Melanie Ann
Youth Services at St. Louis Public Library, 1909-1933: A Narrative Case Study.

Robins, Jennifer Dawn
The Role of a Mediating Information Structure in a Contextualized System.

Tidline, Tonyia J.
Making Sense of Art as Information.


Figa, Elizabeth Gremore
Mapping and Storytelling an Information System: An Historical and Ethnographic Case Study of the First Rural Circuit Rider Medical Library Program.

Kazmer, Michelle Marie
Disengagement From Intrinsically Transient Social Worlds: The Case of a Distance Learning Community.

Marty, Paul Fernand
Museum Informatics and the Evolution of an Information Infrastructure in a University Museum.

Merkel, Cecelia Bridget
Uncovering the Hidden Literacies of "Have-nots": A Study of Computer and Internet Use in a Low-income Community.

Moorman, John Allyn
Combined School/Public Libraries in the United States: Three Comparative Case Studies.


He, Qin
Component Study of Co-Word Analysis.

Neumann, Laura Jeanne
Communities of Practice as Information Systems: Humanities Scholars and Information Convergence.


Dong, Jianhua
Combination of Multiple Web Search Results and Its Effect on the Search Performance.

Isenhour, John
A Community of Practice Using Computer Mediated Communication for Legitimate Peripheral Participation.

Wagner, Ralph Dinsmore
A History of the Farmington Plan.


Zhang, Yin
Scholarly Use of Internet-Based Electronic Resources.


Lipinski, Tomas A.
The Communication of Law in the Digital Environment: Stability and Change within the Concept of Precedent.

Spasser, Mark Aaron
Computational Workspace Coordination: Design-in-Use of Collaborative Publishing Services for Computer-Mediated Collaborative Publishing.


Crawford, Holly
Freedom Through Books: Helen Haines and Her Role in the Library Press, Library Education, and the Intellectual Freedom Movement.


Cardman, Elizabeth R.
Interior Landscapes: Personal Perspectives on Professional Lives: The First Generation of Librarians at the Illinois Library School, 1893-1907.

Coleman, Anita Sundaram
Towards the Design of a Hypermedia Journal.

Elliker, Calvin Harold
The Periodical Literature of Music: Trends from 1952 to 1987.

Palmer, Carole L.
Practices and Conditions of Boundary Crossing Research Work: A Study of Scientists at at Interdisciplinary Institute.

Qin, Jian
Levels and Types of Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research in the Sciences.

Tsay, Ming-Yueh
The Relationship Between Journal Use in a Medical Library and Citation Use.

Xu, Hong
Redundancy and Uniqueness of Subject Access Points in Online Catalogs.


Moses, Sibyl Elizabeth
The Identification and Bibliographic Control of African American Women Writers in New Jersey.


Floren-Romero, Maria Soledad
The Impact of Information Loss on Research: A Case Study in the Dominican Republic.

Jones, Edgar Albert
Consistency in Choice and Form of Main Entry, 1982 and 1989: A Comparison of Library of Congress Monograph Cataloging With That of the British Library and the National Libraries of Australia and Canada.

King, David Neale
Clinical Search Effectiveness: An Assessment of the Contribution of the Computer-Assisted Information Services of Hospital Libraries to Clinical Decision Making by Physicians.

Su, Shiao-Feng
An Approach to the Evaluation of Expert Systems for the Selection of Reference Sources.

Zhou, Yuan
Analysis of Trends in Demand for Computer Literacy for Librarians in Academic and Public Libraries from 1974 to 1989.


Albritton, Rosie Lee
Transformational Vs. Transactional Leadership in University Libraries: A Field Test of the Model and Its Relationship to Perceived Organizational Effectiveness and Selected Demographics.

Seo, Eun-Gyoung (Han)
An Experiment in Automatic Indexing with Korean Texts: A Comparison of Syntactico-Statistical and Manual Methods.


Haricombe, Lorraine Jeanne
The Effect of an Academic Boycott on Academics in South Africa.

Pandit, Idrisa
Informal Communication in the Humanities: A Qualitative Inquiry.

Tanner, Thomas Michael
The Pastor as Information Professional: An Exploratory Study of How the Ministers of One Midwestern Community Gather and Disseminate Information.

Walker, Thomas David
An Eighteenth-Century Library Census: Adalbert Blumenschein's 'Beschreibung verschiedener Bibliotheken in Europa'.


Bradley, Johanna (Jana) Rediger
Bureaucratic and Individual Knowledge and Action in the Public Services Unit of an Academic Library.

Connell, Tschera Harkness
Librarian Subject Searching in Online Catalogs: An Exploratory Study of Knowledge Used.

Oliveira, Silas Marques de
Collection Evaluation Through Citation Checking: A Comparison of Three Sources.


Self, Phyllis Kennedy
Formal and Informal Communication Patterns Among AIDS Researchers: An Investigation Based on Collaboration and Productivity.


Abdullah, Szarina Bt.
The Contribution of Scientists to Popular Literature, Their Role as Expert Witnesses and Their Influence Among Peers: A Case Study in the Field of Acid Rain.

Lester, Marilyn A.
Coincidence of User Vocabulary and Library of Congress Subject Headings: Experiments to Improve Subject Access in Academic Library Online Catalogs.

Diluvio, Catalina Y.
Science in the Philippines: A Bibliographic and Bibliometric Analysis of the Periodical Literature.

Hunter, David Chalmers
English Opera and Song Books 1703-1726: Their Contents, Publishing, Printing, and Bibliographical Description.

Main, Linda Young
Computer Simulation Modeling and Circulation: An Exploration of Some of the Factors that Inhibit the Adoption of Computer Simulation Models in Libraries.

Schmidt, Karen Arline
Sources of Training and Professional Development for Academic Acquisitions Librarians.


Brumm, Eugenia Kwiatkowski
Exploratory Study of Chief Information Officers in Fortune Service and Industrial Organizations.

Burger, Robert H.
The Evaluation of Information Policy: A Case Study Using the SATCOM Report.

Cloonan, Michèle Valerie
Paper-Covered Books, From Their First Known Use in 1482 to the Introduction of Cloth, ca. 1825.

Sarkodie-Mensah, Kwasi
Foreign Students and U.S. Academic Libraries: A Case Study of Foreign Students and Libraries in Two Universities in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Craver, Kathleen Woods
The Influence of the Availability of an Academic Online Catalog on the Use of Academic Libraries by College-Bound High School Seniors.

Hu, Chengren
An Evaluation of Online Database Selection By a Gateway System with Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

Olden, Edward Anthony
The Beneficiaries of Library and Information Policy In British and Ex-British Africa: Steps From the White Women's League to the Electronic Library.

Roy, Loriene
An Investigation of the Use of Weeding and Displays as Methods to Increase the Stock Turnover Rate in Small Public Libraries.

Rubin, Richard E.
A Study of Employee Turnover of Full Time Public Librarians in Moderately-Large and Large Size Public Libraries in Seven Midwestern States.

Thornburg-Hamilton, Gail Ellen
LOOK: Implementation of an Expert System in Information Retrieval for Database Selection.

Warner, Amy
Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments of the Impact of Linguistic Theory on Information Science.


Simmons, Randall Craig
Relationship Between Moral Reasoning and Participation in and Acceptance of Library Theft-Behaviors Among Undergraduates in a Large Academic Library.

Stroyan-Bennett, Susan E.
Collection Overlap of Eight Hospital Libraries in a Health Sciences Consortium.


Baker, Sharon (Shay) Lynn
An Exploration into Factors Causing the Increased Circulation of Displayed Books.

Sattar, Abdus
Relationship Between Political Alignment and Scientific Communication: A Bibliometric Study of Egyptian Science Publications.

Wallace, Danny Paul
The Relationship Between Journal Productivity and Obsolescence in a Subject Literature.


Aguilar, William
Relationship Between Classes of Books Circulated and Classes of Books Requested on Interlibrary Loan.

Blue, Richard Irving
Content Duplication Among Documents on Specific Subjects.

Drone, Jeanette Marie
A Study of the Relationship Between Size of Monographic Collections and Internal Duplication in a Select Group of Libraries Using LCS (Library Computer System).

Howell, John Bruce
The Concept of 'Development Literature' and the Establishment of Criteria for the Creation of a Development Data Base.

Olsgaard, John Newman
The Relationship Between Administrative Style and the Use of Computer-Based Systems: An Attitudinal Study of Academic Library Professionals.

Pontigo-Martinez, Jaime
Qualitative Attributes and the Bradford Distribution.

Potter, William Gray
Collection Overlap and Diversity in the Illinois (Library Computer System) Network.

Prabha, Chandra
A Comparison of Scatter of Citing and Cited Literature for the Subject of Desalination.

Tenopir, Carol
Retrieval Performance in a Full Text Journal Article Database.


Bonzi, Susan Monica
Terminological Consistency in Abstract and Concrete Disciplines.

Golden, Gary Allen
Motivation to Select Books: A Study of Annotated and Unannotated Booklists in Public Libraries.

Tucker, John Mark
Librarianship as a Community Service: Azariah Smith Root at Oberlin College.


Neway, Julie Marlaine
The Role of the Information Specialist as an Active Team Member in Academic Research.

Zubatsky, David Samuel
'No Book Should Be Out of Reach': The Role of the American Library Association in the Sharing of Resources for Research, 1922-1945.


Curry, Evelyn Laverne (Fitzgerald)
The Value of the Search Request Form in the Negotiation Process Between Requester and Librarian.

Diodato, Virgil P.
Author Indexing in Mathematics.

Krieger, Tillie
Instructor Influences Versus Text Influences in the Selection of Subject Descriptors by Undergraduate Students.

Sadigh-Behzadi, Mandana
A Proposal for an American English/Persian Transcription Scheme as a Bibliographic Control Tool.

Stinson, Eddie Ray
Diachronous vs. Synchronous Study of Obsolescence.


Doll, Carol Ann
A Study of Overlap and Duplication Among Elementary School and Public Libraries.

Kremer, Jeannette Marguerite
Information Flow Among Engineers in a Design Company.

Walling, Linda Sue (Lucas)
The Ranges of Life Interests and Reading Interests Among Adult Users of Public Libraries in Communities of Various Sizes.


Albright, John B.
Some Limits to Subject Retrieval from a Large Published Index.

Billeter, Anne M.
Selection of Children's Books for Public and School Libraries: Examination of the Books by the Local Librarian as a Method of Selection.

Encarnación, Jorge
Use of the Community College Learning Resources Center by the Part-time Faculty.


Auld, Lawrence W.S.
The Effect of Public Library Circulation on Advertising Via Cable Television.

Bernal-Rosa, Emilia
Doctoral Student Use of Literature and Libraries: The Influence of the Advisor.

O'Malley, Kenneth G.
An Investigation of Corporate Headings with Form Subheadings and Entries without Form Subheadings.


Hickey, Thomas Butler
Superimposed Coding Versus Sequential and Inverted Files.


Partridge, Cathleen (Flanagan)
Sound Recordings, Private Collectors and Academic Research Libraries.

Powell, Ronald R.
An Investigation of the Relationship Between Reference Collection Size and Other Reference Service Factors and Success in Answering Reference Questions.

Smith, Dianna Lynne
The Magnitude and Characteristics of Interlibrary Loan Involving Public, Academic and Special Libraries in Tennessee.

Young, Arthur P.
The American Library Association and World War I.


Leonard, Lawrence E.
Inter-Indexer Consistency and Retrieval Effectiveness: Measurement of Relationships.


Berk, Robert A.
An Experimental Case Study of the Diffusion of Information Innovation in a Scientific Community.


Porcella, Brewster
The Information Gathering Habits of the Protestant Ministers of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Robinson, William C.
Subject Dispersion in Political Science: An Analysis of References Appearing in the Journal Literature: 1910-1960

Willard, D. Dean
Differences in Needs for Interdisciplinary Materials by Authors of Theoretical and Practical Writings in Two Applied Disciplines.


Bekkedal, Tekla
A Study of Contemporary Realistic Fiction for Children Published in the U.S. Since World War II.

Davis Jr., Donald G.
The Association of American Library Schools: An Analytical History.

Sandberg-Fox, Ann
The Amenability of a Cataloging Process to Simulation by Automatic Techniques.

Pool, Jane
The Selection of Science Books for Elementary School Libraries: An Analysis of Selection from National Selection Sources and a Local Buying List.

Soper, Mary Ellen
The Relationship Between Personal Collections and the Selection of Cited References.

Weech, Terry L.
State Governments as Publishers: An Analytic Study of State Government Publications.


Blazek, Ronald D.
Teacher Utilization of Nonrequired Library Materials in Mathematics and the Effect on Pupil Use.

Donnelly, Sister Francis Dolores
The National Library of Canada: Forces in Its Emergence and in the Identification of Its Role and Responsibilities.

White, Marilyn D.
Communications Behavior of Academic Economists.


Anderson, LeMoyne W.
Delinquent Borrowers in an Academic Library: A Study to Determine the Effect of Selected Treatments Upon the Rate of Materials Returned.

Berner, William
The Influence of Pre-Voting Activity on the Outcome of Selected Library Bond Referendums.

Bertram, Sheila Kelley
The Relationship Between Intra-Document Citation Location and Citation Level.

Heussman, John W.
The Literature Cited in Theological Journals and Its Relation to Seminary Library Circulation.

Sineath, Timothy
The Relationship Between Size of Research Library Collections and the Support of Faculty Research Studies.

Slanker, Barbara
The Administrative Structure of Public Library Systems and its Relationship to the Level of Service Offered by Member Libraries.

Stenstrom, Ralph H.
Factors Associated with Membership and Non-Membership in Public Library Systems in Illinois.

Wert, Lucille
Library Education and High School Library Services.


Baumann, Charles Henry
The Influence of Angus Snead McDonald and the Snead Bookstack on Library Architecture.

Evans, G. Edward
The Effect of Book Selection Agents on Book Circulation in Academic Libraries.

Highfill, William Carl
The Relationship of Indexing Depth to Subject Catalog Retrieval Effectiveness.

Magrill, Rose Mary
Occupational Image and Choice of Librarianship as a Career.

Picache, Ursula DeGuzman
Some Effects of Summer Institute Participation on School Librarians' Provision of Services and on Their Attitudes Toward the Instructional Materials Center Concept.

Spence, Paul H.
A Comparative Study of University Library Organizational Structure.


Littleton, Isaac T.
The Bibliographic Organization and Use of the Literature of Agricultural Economics.


Axeen, Marina Esther
Teaching the Use of the Library to Undergraduates: An Experimental Comparison of Computer-based Instruction and the Conventional Lecture Method.

Bunge, Charles Albert
Professional Education and Reference Efficiency.

Farley, Richard Alan
The American Library Executive: An Inquiry Into His Concepts of the Functions of His Office.

Krikelas, James
The Effect of Arrangement on the Successful Use of Library Catalogs.


Barker, Dale Lockard
Characteristics of the Scientific Literature Cited by Chemists of the Soviet Union.

Carroll, Dewey Eugene
Newspaper and Periodical Production in Countries of Europe, 1600-1950: A Quantitative Historical Analysis of Patterns of Growth.

Churchwell, Charles Darrett
Education for Librarianship in the United States: Some Factors which Influenced Its Development Between 1919 and 1939.

Hendricks, Donald Duane
Comparative Costs of Book Processing in a Processing Center and in Five Individual Libraries.

McCrossan, John Anthony
Library Science Education and its Relationship to Competence in Adult Book Selection in Public Libraries.

Stillman, Mary Elizabeth
The United States Air Force Library Service: Its History, Organization and Administration.


Snider, Felix Eugene
The Relationships of Library Ability to Performance in College.


El-Hadi, Mohamed M.
Arabic Library Resources in the United States: An Investigation of Their Evolution, Status and Technical Problems.

Grotzinger, Laurel Ann
The Power and the Dignity: Librarianship and Katharine Sharp.

Moid, Abdul
Urdu Language Collections in American Libraries.

Nash, William Verlin
Characteristics of Administrative Heads of Public Libraries in Various Communications Categories.

Smith, Jessie Carney
Patterns of Growth in Library Resources in Certain Land-Grant Universities.


Searcy, Herbert Lyman
Parochial Libraries in the American Colonies.

Walker, Richard Dean
The Influence of Antecedent Library Service Upon Academic Achievement of University of Illinois Freshmen.


Boll, John Jorg
Library Architecture, 1800-1875: A Comparison of Theory and Buildings with Emphasis on New England College Libraries.

Forrest Jr., Earl Arwin
A History and Evaluation of English Historical Annuals for 1701-1720 and 1739-1743.

Holley, Edward Gailon
Charles Evans: American Bibliographer.

Van Note, Roy Nelson
Brush and Pencil: Tastemaker of American Art.


Bundy, Mary Lee
The Attitudes and Opinions of Farm Families in Illinois Towards Matters Related to Rural Library Development.

Cantrell, Clyde Hull
The Reading Habits of Antebellum Southerners.

Garrison, Guy Grady
Voting Behavior on Public Library Bond Issues: An Analysis of Three Elections in Seattle, Washington, 1950-1956.

Kidder, Robert Wilson
The Contribution of Daniel Fowle to New Hampshire Printing, 1756-1787.

Kraus, Joe Walker
Book Collections of Five Colonial College Libraries: A Subject Analysis.

Ranz, James
The History of the Printed Book Catalogue in the United States.

Simonton, Wesley Clark
Characteristics of the Research Literature of the Fine Arts During the Period 1948-1957.


Erickson, Ernst Walfred
College and University Library Surveys, 1938-1952.

Hertel, Robert Russell
The Decline of the Paperbound Novel in America, 1890-1910.


Dyke, James Parvin
Validation of the University of Illinois Library School Placement Examination.

Johnson, Robert Kellogg
Characteristics of Libraries in Selected Higher Military Educational Institutions in the United States.

Goggin, Margaret Knox
Professional Development of Reference Librarians in a University Library: A Case Study.

Reagan, Agnes Lytton
A Study of Certain Factors in Institutions of Higher Education Which Influence Students to Become Librarians.


Hopp, Ralph Harvey
A Study of the Problem of Complete Documentation in Science and Technology.

McCoy, Ralph Edward
Banned in Boston: The Development of Literary Censorship in Massachusetts.


Baldwin, Ruth Marie
Alexander Gill, The Elder, High Master of St. Paul's School: An Approach to Milton's Intellectual Development.

Yenawine, Wayne Stewart
The Influence of Scholars on Research Library Development at the University of Illinois.


Rothstein, Samuel
The Development of Reference Services in American Research Libraries.


Winger, Howard Woodrow
Regulations Relating to the Book Trade in London from 1357 to 1586.


Stevens, Rolland Elwell
The Use of Library Materials in Doctoral Research: A Study of the Effect of Differences in Research Method.