Resources and Contacts

For questions about your plans and path through the program:
Contact your advisor

For questions about procedures related to exams, proposals, and defenses:
Penny Ames, Admissions and Records Representative, room 112C, 333-7197, pames [at]

For questions about the doctoral program and funding your studies:
Work with your advisor, contact Linda Smith, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, room 112E, 333-7742, lcsmith [at], or the PhD program director ischool-phd [at]

For questions about student representatives and resources for support across campus:
Meg Edwards, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, rm 122 244-3776, mbedward [at]

Additional tips, advice, and best practices are available from the Graduate College (

Additional resources
1) Alternative enrollment options for graduate students also exist, which may be of use to you if you are planning or considering completing a portion of your PhD at a distance from Champaign-Urbana:
2) The Graduate College maintains a general Resource Page for New Students: The Graduate College also makes available a Professional Development Timeline for PhD students:
3) The Graduate College maintains a page on how to make the most of the mentoring relationship you will have with your adviser as a PhD student: