Degree Specializations

Note: iSchool specializations will be retired this fall. Specializations will not be an option for those starting the MS/LIS program in Spring 2017 and after. If you started a specialization(s) before Spring 2017, you have the option to complete them. If you have questions, please contact Karla Lucht, klucht [at]

Students are more than welcome to customize their programs in a variety of ways, including pursuing specializations in prescribed areas of study across all degree programs. All areas of specialization have required courses in addition to any required courses for that particular degree; however, completing a specialization does not limit your ability to choose additional electives that meet your individual professional goals and interests. Opportunities for degree specializations include:

Master of Science:

On-campus master’s students also have the option of pursuing a campus-approved graduate minor. For a list of possible graduate minors, visit the Graduate College Programs of Study: Minors page.

Certificate of Advanced Study:

Students are also able to concentrate on digital libraries within the CAS as part of a prescribed degree program. Find more information on the CAS in Digital Libraries page.


Continuing Education:

For more information about continuing education, visit the Continuing Education page.