Haythornthwaite Returns from Brazil

Posted: August 13, 2009

Professor Caroline Haythornthwaite was invited to Rio de Janeiro as a visiting researcher at the Instituto Brasileiro de Informacao em Ciencia e Tecnologia (Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology, or IBICT) during June and July 2009. She was also hosted by the Center for Advanced Studies in Information Science and Innovation (CENACIN) in Rio. Her sponsor at IBICT, Professor Gilda Olinto, not only provided Haythornthwaite with accommodation and acculturation, but also translated all of her lecture slides into Portuguese.

During the visit, she engaged with faculty, researchers and students from the Rio de Janeiro area, as well as in Brazil in general, around the topics of e-learning and social networks. She gave two lecture series and was a guest presenter in a Research Methods class, as well as visiting other colleagues outside of Rio. Her lectures covered topics such as Online Networks, Crowds and Communities; Learning, Knowledge and Information Networks; Entrepreneurial Networks; and Social Networks and Social Network Analysis.

More information can be found on the Community Informatics Initiative website.

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