Alkalimat to serve as a keynote speaker for Emerging Black Studies Discipline Symposium II

Posted: November 30, 2011

GSLIS Professor Abdul Alkalimat will serve as a keynote speaker for this year's African American and African Studies Emerging Black Studies Discipline Symposium II. The symposium, "Malcolm X’s Legacy in the Michigan African American Community and Beyond," will be held on December 2 from 8:30am to 7:30pm at Michigan State University. Speakers and panelists will examine Malcolm X's lived experience as well as provide reflections of the Black Studies discipline and the implications these reflections have today for African Americans and communities both in and out of Michigan.

Alkalimat also recently hosted the eBlack Studies 2011 public lecture series, "Rethinking Theory in Black Studies," which was held on the Urbana campus in the fall. His five lectures—Ideology, Methodology, History, Tradition, and Debate—presented a rethinking of how to approach theory in Black Studies, based on his original ideas developed over forty years of academic activist practice. Videos of the lectures are available on the lecture series website.

Alkalimat holds a joint appointment as a professor of African American Studies.