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May. 18, 2016

GSLIS doctoral students Ruohua Han, Emily Lawrence, and Beth Strickland participated in a panel discussion at the 2016 Personal Digital Archiving conference, hosted by the University of Michigan Library on May 12-14.

The panel, “Memory and Personal Archiving,” was moderated by GSLIS Associate Professor Lori Kendall. Presentations included:

"Scrapbooking Personal Memories: Traditional vs. Digital," by Ruohua Han
In this presentation I aim to distill the characteristics of digital scrapbooking and its end product, digital scrapbooks, by comparing them to traditional scrapbooking and scrapbooks through three lenses closely connected to their abilities and features in recording and sharing personal memory: senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch), time, and space. Through this analysis, I conclude that although digital scrapbooking retains the essential function of scrapbooking and is...

May. 18, 2016

Each year, the School recognizes a group of outstanding students for their achievement in academics as well as a number of attributes that contribute to professional success. The following student awards were presented at the School's Convocation ceremony on May 15, 2016.

Bryce Allen Award for Reference Services

Presented to Jody Ford

Jody Ford has been an outstanding graduate assistant for Reference and Information Services at the University Library for the last two years and has taken on many challenging reference queries, ranging from complicated email reference questions that took several days, to a unique query that came in the mail as a handwritten letter. She’s always eager and excited to work at the reference desk whether in person or virtually, and relishes the challenge of helping the wide range of patrons that utilize reference services at the University of Illinois. She will be greatly missed, but...

May. 4, 2016

Doctoral candidate Rhiannon Bettivia successfully defended her dissertation, "Encoding Power: The Scripting of Archival Structures in Digital Spaces using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model," at GSLIS on April 28.

Her committee includes Jerome McDonough (chair and research director; associate professor, GSLIS); Kevin Hamilton (professor, School of Art and Design); Anita Say Chan (assistant professor, Department of Media and Cinema Studies); and Kari Kraus (associate professor, information studies and english, University of Maryland).

May. 4, 2016

A recent article in Environmental Health Perspectives by Associate Professor Catherine Blake and doctoral student Henry A. Gabb explores chemical exposure from consumer products in order to identify chemical combinations that appear together frequently.

Through an analysis of 38,975 product labels, Blake and Gabb identified a group of fifty-five asthma-associated chemicals and potential endocrine disruptors in various consumer product categories that focused on personal care items such as shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste. Many products contain more than one of the target chemicals. They also found that the same chemical is often listed under many different names—a practice that can make it difficult for consumers to recognize and avoid products that contain specific chemicals.

The informatics approach developed by Blake and Gabb complements spectroscopic approaches to chemical detection and provides a new method to prioritize the risk assessment of potentially...

May. 2, 2016

GSLIS students and staff spoke last week at the fifteenth annual Information Literacy Summit, held on April 29. The theme of the conference was “Shifting Perspectives: Developing Critical Approaches in Information Literacy.”

Lisa Hinchliffe (MS '94), GSLIS affiliated faculty member, presented a session titled, “Can a Constellation Be Critical? The Position(s) of the ACRL Framework and ACRL Standards for Information Literacy.”

The ACRL Board recently recognized that practitioners are beginning to achieve what it intended – the Framework and Standards (as well as other documents including the Best Practices, Guidelines, and Proficiencies) serve as a constellation through which practitioners shape their programs. This session will share models of how libraries are addressing the Framework and adapting their programs, as well as the challenges emerging as they do so. Using an appreciative inquiry...

Apr. 28, 2016

A design background led master’s student Lorin Bruckner to study data visualization at GSLIS. This spring, she will complete her MS in LIS with specializations in socio-technical data analytics and data curation and pursue a career as a data visualization developer.

Why did you decide to pursue an LIS degree?
I obtained my undergraduate degree in graphic design and began working as a web designer for an advertising agency. While I was creating websites and user interfaces, I thought a lot about how people interacted with them. Over the years, I became progressively more interested not only in people's relationships with websites but also in the information they encountered on the internet. I spent a lot of time experimenting and developing ways to guide people toward the information they were looking for, and it was something...

Apr. 25, 2016

Graduation is approaching, and at this time of the year, we reflect on those individuals who have made a difference in our lives. New graduates and alumni are encouraged to honor GSLIS faculty and/or staff through the LSAA Tassel Project, which was established in 2011 by the Library School Alumni Association (LSAA) to support the creation of an endowed professorship in the School.

With a contribution of $10, you can honor a faculty or staff member who had an impact on your GSLIS educational experience. To thank you for your contribution, you will receive a commemorative yellow GSLIS tassel. All faculty and staff who are honored will be notified.

The LSAA has designated the...