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Jun. 21, 2016

Doctoral candidate Noah Lenstra (MS '09, CAS '11) successfully defended his dissertation, "The Community Informatics of an Aging Society: A Comparative Case Study of Public Libraries and Senior Centers,” on June 20.

His committee includes Associate Professor Kate Williams (chair), Professor Linda Smith, Professor Michael Twidale, and Bo Xie (associate professor, University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing and School of Information).

Lenstra will present his findings to the public this Friday, June 24 from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Douglass Annex located at 804 North Fifth St. in Champaign.

Abstract: The information society is also an aging society. This means that as information technology becomes woven into the fabric of daily life, the median age of humanity continues to rise. The participation of this growing population of older adults in the information society is often seen in the popular press and even in scholarship as dependent on their...

Jun. 20, 2016

Several master’s students from the Applied Business Research course (590ABR) participated in the Innovation Immersion Program (IIP) Global Conference, which was held in May at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Ulsan, South Korea. These students represented the iSchool’s Business Information Group (BIG), a research group that simulates an information consultancy.

BIG was created by Associate Professor Yoo-Seong Song, an affiliated faculty member who teaches Applied Business Research in the iSchool. IIP is a global consultancy founded at Illinois that supports international technology companies, drawing on expertise of the University's students as well as from universities in Sweden, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

At the conference, BIG students gave a presentation titled, “A Knowledge Management Strategy for a Global Consulting Organization,” which was designed to educate...

Jun. 14, 2016

Several students and faculty members will share their research at the 2016 Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), held on June 19-23 in Newark, New Jersey. The event brings together international scholars focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and social issues. The goal is to provide a forum for shared learning and facilitate the application of knowledge for research, development, construction, and utilization in digital libraries.

Papers presented at JCDL 2016 include:

"Enhancing Scholarly Use of Digital Libraries: A Comparative Survey Review of Bibliographic Metadata Ontologies"
Presenters include doctoral student Jacob Jett, faculty affiliate Timothy W. Cole, and Professor J. Stephen Downie

"Low-cost Semantic...

Jun. 13, 2016

Doctoral student Andrea Thomer has been selected as a 2016 Fellow of the Research Data Alliance/US (RDA/US) Data Share early career engagement program. As an RDA Fellow, she will undertake a project to survey the completeness and coverage of existing natural history physical sample databases.

The objective of the RDA Data Share program is to encourage the adoption of best practices of data sharing established through RDA and to enhance early career engagement with the Alliance. Under the mentorship of RDA/US Advisory Committee members, RDA Data Share Fellows form a cohort, attend RDA plenary events, participate in working groups, and undertake work on their own special projects. Fellows receive stipends and travel support to attend bi-annual plenary meetings and an orientation event.

Thomer's research interests include biodiversity and natural history museum...

Jun. 8, 2016

Master’s student Gretsi Isac chose to earn her degree at the iSchool at Illinois because she knew the School would present rewarding challenges and open doors for professional opportunities. Now she’s preparing to graduate in August and pursue a career in data analytics.

Why did you decide to pursue an LIS degree?
My interest in LIS stems from my previous employment at the Canadian bargaining association for health employers in British Columbia. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in food, nutrition, and health and got this job working as secretary/support staff to the research and knowledge management team. We handled growing amounts of data and information that needed to be organized, stored, and analyzed. Designing an efficient retrieval process for staff and external stakeholders also became critical. It was...

Jun. 6, 2016

Nine of the School’s master’s students have been named 2016-2017 Spectrum Scholars by the American Library Association (ALA). Established in 1997, the Spectrum Scholarship Program was created to promote diversity among graduate-level library school students. Each master's-level scholar receives $5,000 as well as over $1,500 toward professional development opportunities. In addition, the iSchool provides each scholar with a tuition waiver. Illinois residents who are recipients of the Spectrum Scholarship also receive a grant from the Sylvia Murphy Williams Fund, given by the Illinois Library Association (ILA).

The Spectrum Scholarship recipients at Illinois are:

  • Rebecca Arriola
  • Elisandro Cabada
  • Ariel Erbacher (Gordon Scholar)
  • Jesus Espinoza
  • Jasmine Kirby
  • Nisha Mody
  • Araceli Moreno
  • ...
May. 20, 2016

Several members of the GSLIS community will speak at the International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML), which will be held May 24-27 at the University of London.

Associate Professor Terry Weech and doctoral candidate Fredrick Lugya will co-chair the panel discussion, “Issues in International Library and Information Science Education.” During the panel Weech will present his paper, “International Quality Measures of LIS Education Programs and the impact on the Future of Libraries in the E.U. and the USA,” and Lugya will present a paper titled, “PILISSE Model for Assessment of LIS Education Courses.” Also speaking during the panel are doctoral students Dianah Kacunguzi and Noah Samuel...