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Our students are our purpose. We foster a learning experience that enables students to reach their individual goals in a balanced, healthy, inclusive student environment. Student Affairs serves students through our resources, referrals, and connections. Through recruiting, advising, diversity programs, and career services, we motivate student excellence by supporting intellectual engagement throughout their educational experience and beyond.

5327211543_d2f6cb685d_b_0.jpg?itok=lVeCi Penny Ames, Academic Records Officer (Supports admissions and student records)
112 LIS
(217) 333-7197
pames [at]


26308269443_dcd6c1075c_z.jpg?itok=jwKdiG Meg Edwards, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (Oversees all aspects of academic advising, career services, student life and development)
122 LIS
(217) 244-3776
mbedward [at]


22512930679_5f27d4c1ec_k.jpg?itok=i41ODj Becky Hodson, Career Services Coordinator, Career Services Team (Works with students on career exploration, identifying experiential learning opportunities, and the professional job search. Coordinates the LIS591 practicum course.)
104 LIS
(217) 300-2254
rhodson1 [at]

22385543790_b5e85add91_k.jpg?itok=5YJqNC Karla Lucht, Graduate Studies Advisor and Coordinator of Continuing Education (Primary advisor to on-campus students; liaison to ITD; coordinates communication with student organizations; coordinates registration for continuing education)
124 LIS
(217) 244-3810
advising [at]
klucht [at]

a_ohms.jpg?itok=AuFvA06G Ann Ohms, K-12 Program Coordinator (Assists students who wish to pursue school librarianship and/or seeks to combine their interests in working with youth, technology and libraries in K-12 public education.)
123 LIS
(217) 300-9934
annohms2 [at]

plante-cs.jpg?itok=UdVrEczt Michele Plante, Employer Relations Coordinator, Career Services Team (Collaborates with employers and alumni in developing strategies to engage student talent. Primary contact for employers and questions regarding the I-Link Job Board)
103 LIS
(217) 333-1102
mplante [at]

tellschow-sm.jpg?itok=Dzb8zYAvDianne Tellschow, Office Support Specialist (Provides support for student affairs and the recruitment and admissions support)
112 LIS
(217) 300-1590
tellschw [at]

colin1.jpg?itok=9DOzmlYq Colin Van Orman, Graduate Studies Advisor
102 LIS
(217) 244-6899
cvo [at]



Help Desk/Technology

Jill Gengler, Help Desk manager (Oversees iSchool help desk/student tech support)
244 LIS
(217) 265-6252
gengler [at]

Matt Beth, Manager of Instructional Technology (Oversees ITD office, Blackboard Collaborate, and Moodle course management system)
211 LIS
(217) 333-2306
beth [at]

Stefanie Borntreger
Computer-Assisted Instruction Specialist
211 LIS
(217) 300-5369
borntre2 [at]

Suellen Scoby
Computer-Assisted Instruction Specialist
211 LIS
(217) 300-5401
sscoby [at]

Student Advisory Board to Student Affairs

oates.jpg?itok=Dzb8zYAvAnna Oates, annaio2 [at]
"I am thrilled to be in a position where I connect fellow iSchoolers with faculty and staff, ensuring that students have an avenue to express their opinions and concerns. I hope to enable students to identify and reach out to faculty and staff, as well as encourage students to interact with the wonderful resources available at the iSchool."


Additional student services are available through University offices, including:

Student Affairs Departments

Disability Services and Educational Resources (DRES)

Writers Workshop