ASIS&T Student Chapter

The ASIS&T-iSchool Connection, by Linda C. Smith

The University of Illinois Association for Information Science and Technology Student Chapter began in the fall of 1977 at the initiative of master's student Barbara Rapp and with Linda C. Smith serving as its first advisor. The Student Chapter is a registered student organization at Illinois and has been active since 1977 in sponsoring programs—lectures, field trips, projects—to supplement coursework offered at Illinois in information science. The student chapter was selected in 1987 as the winner of the first Student Chapter-of-the-Year Award, established by ASIS&T to recognize outstanding student chapters for their participation in, and contributions to, the Society and the advancement of information science. The student chapter was recognized with this award again in 2006.

Many faculty have served ASIS&T as officers and committee members. They include:

Four ASIS&T presidents:

  • Pauline Atherton Cochrane (1971)
  • Charles H. Davis (1982-1983)
  • Martha E. Williams (1988)
  • Linda C. Smith (2009-2010)

Martha E. Williams served as editor of the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology for twenty-five years.

iSchool faculty and alumni have been recipients of numerous ASIS&T awards. Three have been recognized with the Award of Merit, the Society's highest honor:

  • F.W. Lancaster (1988)
  • Pauline Atherton Cochrane (1990)
  • Carol Tenopir (2009)

In addition, four faculty and alumni have received the Thomson Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award:

  • F.W. Lancaster (1980)
  • Pauline Atherton Cochrane (1981)
  • Linda C. Smith (1987)
  • Carol Tenopir (1993)

F.W. Lancaster received the Best JASIS Paper Award in 1969 and four of his books have been recognized with the Best Information Science Book Award (1970, 1974, 1978, 1992).

Student awards have included:

Best Student Paper Award:

  • Dudee Chiang (1987): Application of Bradford Distribution to Online Search Results: An Online Bibliographic Study
  • Mark Spasser (1996): The Enacted Fate of Undiscovered Knowledge

Information Science Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship Award to PhD students

  • Susan Bonzi (1982)
  • Carol Tenopir (1983)
  • Danny Wallace (1984)
  • Gail Thornburg (1985).

Tomas A. Lipinski received the ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award for his completed dissertation in 1998.