Faculty Advisor Info

Introduction to the IS 591 Practicum

Welcome to the IS 591 Practicum course! This course is designed to give students the opportunity to gain experience in a type of library/information organization of their choice by performing professional tasks under the guidance of an experienced information professional. The Practicum course entails at least 100 hours of field work experience.

Becoming Informed About the Practicum Course

As Faculty Advisor for a student enrolled in IS 591, your role will require that you be well informed about the nature of the course and its procedures in order to advise the student and ensure successful completion of the course, in collaboration with the Practicum Coordinator. In addition to the information on this page which outlines your responsibilities, please also read the information provided on these additional pages:

Practicum Overview
Information for Students
Information for Site Supervisors

Responsibilities of Practicum Faculty Advisors

Practicum Faculty Advisors have the below minimum responsibilities. Advisors may choose to become more involved as they desire and or as necessary.

  1. Advise the Student – Provide guidance and advice to students, as needed/requested, on Practicum focus, learning outcomes, and or other areas where support may be needed.
  2. Approve the Practicum Contract – Students will seek approval of the Practicum Contract from the Practicum Faculty Advisor through email. The contract is designed as a learning agreement that when approved, will enable the student to register for the Practicum Course.
  3. Forum Participation – Practicum Faculty Advisors will have access to the Practicum course Moodle space. There are three discussion forums that students will complete at certain points in the Practicum semester. Practicum Faculty Advisors should review and encourage their advisee’s participation throughout the semester
  4. Assignments – All Practicum students will complete both a Weekly Log and a Performance Review Assignment. The Practicum Coordinator will collect these assignments and distribute submissions to the advisors for review along with the Supervisor Evaluation (see #5).
  5. Supervisor Evaluation – Towards the end of the semester the Practicum Coordinator will request and obtain a written evaluation from the student’s Site Supervisor. The evaluation will be provided to the advisor with other course assignment submissions.
  6. Review and Grade – Practicum Faculty Advisors will submit a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) at the end of the semester. Advisors should take the following into account when assessing their student’s performance in the practicum: participation in the course Discussion Forums, Weekly Log and Performance Review Assignments, and the Supervisor Evaluation. Optionally, advisors may also consider any communication with the student or Site Supervisor and or other requested information from the students such as a written reflection.

Practicum Coordinator Contact

The Practicum Coordinator is available to answer questions and help with Practicum course logistics. For more information or assistance, please contact Rebecca Hodson, Practicum Coordinator (217-300-2254, rhodson1 [at] illinois.edu).