Guidelines for Student Concerns

The Graduate College strongly encourages all students who believe they have a grievance to use all appropriate avenues before initiating a formal grievance procedure. The iSchool currently follows the Graduate College Grievance Policy for any formal graduate student grievances that arise in the unit.

We encourage students with a grievance to first attempt informal resolution of their problems by contacting a trusted person. Depending on the problem presented by the student, faculty and staff will make every effort to collaborate on problem solving with student confidentiality protected as appropriate.

This is a brief listing of individuals able to assist you:

Student advisory and administrative staff

mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards), Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

klucht [at] (Karla Lucht), Graduate Studies Advisor

cvo [at] (Colin Van Orman), Graduate Studies Advisor

vjones7 [at] (Victor Jones), Students of Color Liaison

lcsmith [at] (Linda Smith), Associate Dean for Academic Programs

renear [at] (Allen Renear), Dean

jdiesner [at] (Jana Diesner), PhD Program Director

twidale [at] (Michael Twidale), MS/IM Program Director


Faculty Meeting Student Representatives

Master's: TBD


Curriculum Committee Student Representatives

Master's: TBD


A trusted faculty member

You may be able to identify individuals who may be able to assist with a specific concern by consulting this list of faculty and committee members.

If you do not feel that you can identify a trusted person in the department we encourage you to utilize the iSchool Anonymous Feedback form which can be used to share any type of concern anonymously.  This form is monitored by the Student Affairs staff and concerns and issues are routed to individuals in the school or beyond who should be addressing the concern.  The Graduate College also maintains a set of problem solving resources.