Guidelines for Student Concerns

The Graduate College strongly encourages all students who believe they have a grievance to use all appropriate avenues before initiating a formal grievance procedure. The iSchool currently follows the Graduate College Grievance Policy for any formal graduate student grievances that arise in the unit.

We encourage students with a grievance to first attempt informal resolution of their problems by contacting a trusted person. Depending on the problem presented by the student, faculty and staff will make every effort to collaborate on problem solving with student confidentiality protected as appropriate.

This is a brief listing of individuals able to assist you:

Student advisory and administrative staff

mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards), Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

klucht [at] (Karla Lucht), Graduate Studies Advisor

cvo [at] (Colin Van Orman), Graduate Studies Advisor

lcsmith [at] (Linda Smith), Associate Dean for Academic Programs

renear [at] (Allen Renear), Dean

Faculty Meeting Student Representatives

Master's: TBD


Curriculum Committee Student Representatives

Master's: TBD


A trusted faculty member

You may be able to identify individuals who may be able to assist with a specific concern by consulting this list of faculty and committee members.

If you do not feel that you can identify a trusted person in the department, the Graduate College maintains a set of problem solving resources.