Brownbag Session: Progressive Education in Nepal: Creating an Education System

chip-bruce.jpg?itok=yZq0frUu Professor Emeritus Bertram (Chip) Bruce will present two brownbag sessions sponsored by the iSchool and the College of Education. This session will cover progressive education efforts in Nepal.

We think of progressive education as an early 20th century movement in US schools, or perhaps as what occurs in modern, “progressive” schools, often small, private schools serving more privileged students. But the progressive impulse has been an important factor in many places and many eras.

In Nepal today, there is a strong progressive education movement, one that I worked with during Fall 2016. That movement is especially noteworthy given the country’s extremely low resources (it’s a UN Least Developed Country). But many Nepalis see progressive education as aligned with their national education plan, whose goals include education for all, ages 4-12, community learning centers to deliver literacy and lifelong learning, and fully inclusive and equitable access.

How can Nepal essentially create an education system? How can knowledge, people, tools, and other resources from the West help? What can be learned from the Nepali experience, even though the Nepal situation is quite different from that in the US?

Professor Emeritus Bertram (Chip) Bruce had appointments in the College of Education, Bioengineering, the Center for Writing Studies, and the Center for East Asian & Pacific Studies prior to his semi-retirement in 2011. During 2007-08, he held a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the National College of Ireland in Dublin. His research goals include contributing to a conception of democratic education, meaning both the development of critical, socially-engaged citizens and of learning environments, which are themselves democratic. This includes studies of learning technologies, inquiry-based learning, and collaborative community-based projects. It draws upon the work of pragmatists and Progressive Education movements.


College of Education, Room 22


iSchool and College of Education

Event Date: 

Tue, 05/16/2017 -
10:00am to 12:00pm


If you will need disability-related accommodations in order to participate, please email the contact person. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.