Recruitment & Admissions Staff

5327211543_d2f6cb685d_b_0.jpg?itok=lVeCi Penny Ames, Admission & Records Officer (Supports admissions and student records)
112 LIS
(217) 333-7197
pames [at]


dimitriaj_1_cg.jpg?itok=y9h82EtU Dimitria Johnson, Office Support Associate in Admission and Records (Primary contact for application inquiries and transcripts)
112 LIS
(217) 300-6646
dimij [at]


victor.jpg?itok=3m019coi Victor Jones, Jr., Visiting Recruiting Specialist (Primary contact for prospective students)
101 LIS

(217) 332-3473
vjones7 [at]



Moises Orozco Villicana, Director of Enrollment Management
125 LIS
(217) 300-5007
orozco6 [at]