Directions for MS/LIS Application Materials

1. Resume

Please submit a resume that includes your education, work experience, volunteer work, and any other relevant information. There is no page limit or preferred length for the resume. Use language and organization that readers who are unfamiliar with your current career or discipline can easily follow.

2. Personal Statement

The Personal Statement (~750-1000 words, 12pt Arial font, single spaced) should discuss the applicant's objectives for this degree, including:

1.  how the applicant's educational background, work experience, and other relevant experience will contribute to their experience at the iSchool; and
2.  how attending the iSchool will assist the applicant in achieving their goals.

We are interested in understanding how the applicant would create a strategy for accomplishing their goals and aspirations using the following resources and opportunities.

  • Courses
  • Faculty, staff, and other resources
  • Pre-professional opportunities such as internships, practica, volunteer work
  • Strategies for engaging and networking with people, organizations, and potential employers
  • Leadership and extracurricular opportunities at the school and beyond

We are looking for students who are creative, curious, motivated, and prepared to be leaders in their chosen field.