Directions for MS/LIS Application Materials

1. Resume

Please submit a resume that includes your education, work experience, volunteer work, and any other relevant information. There is no page limit or preferred length for the resume. Use language and organization that readers who are unfamiliar with your current career or discipline can easily follow.

2. Personal Statement

Please submit a one- to two-page personal statement concerning your interest in pursuing a degree in this School and field. If you are making a significant change in career or discipline, explain how your past experiences feed into or inspired your future goals. While you may highlight aspects of your academic and professional experiences, use this space to describe your goals beyond what you include in your resume. The Admissions Committee looks for the following information:

  • Why have you chosen the LIS field? (The committee would like to see evidence that you know what this field is all about.)
  • What career plans do you have once you obtain the degree? (The committee wants to see that you will make a difference in the field; have a passion for this area, not just a love of books and libraries.)

3. Interview Essay or Career Essay (choose one)

Choose A or B below:

  1. Interview Essay:  Visit a library, archive, museum, community network, corporate information office, or other information center (except your current place of employment)--somewhere you may be interested in working. Interview a professional staff member to identify the three most significant issues related to information services in this setting. Write a one- to two-page essay, discussing what you learned, including:

    NOTES: Include information about your site and source. Students who plan to apply to the K-12 LIS Certification Program must conduct the interview with a K-12 librarian.

    • What questions did you ask?
    • Did you learn anything unexpected? Anything that changed your view of the library and information science profession?
    • How do you think your educational experience at the iSchool might prepare you to address the issues you identified?
  2. Career Essay:  Choose one or more job ads for a career related to library and information science that interests you. In a brief one- to two- page essay, address the following:

    • The position(s) you chose, with a brief excerpt from the job posting(s).
    • What you find exciting about this career.
    • The expertise (knowledge, skills, etc.) you personally would need to develop in order to be successful in this career.
    • Major challenges and opportunities of this work and/or of doing this work within this kind of organization
    • How graduate study at our School will prepare you for this challenge.