Room 242


Room 242 Information

To reserve Room 242, contact the main office in Rm 112 (333-3280).  Please submit an AV request if you need technical support.

Room 242: capacity is 15 people.


Instructor's computer:

  • Dual boot Mac Mini running Mac and Windows.

Internet access:

  • Ethernet port for instructor's computer.
  • Ethernet port for iSchool-owned laptops.
  • Ethernet port for personal laptops running Tech Services VPN.
  • Wireless internet.


  • LCD projector.
  • Projector screen.
  • VGA cable for laptops.
  • HDMI cable for laptops.


  • Network jack for speakerphone labeled "IP PHONE."
  • Note: speakerphone only available by request.

Other equipment:

  • Wired mouse for instructor's machine.
  • Wired keyboard for instructor's machine.
  • Bluetooth wireless mouse.
  • Bluetooth wireless keyboard.
  • Speakers.
  • Wireless presentation remote control (aka a "clicker").
  • USB hub.
  • Whiteboard.


  • To turn projector on, press ‘Power’ button on black control panel on wall.
  • ‘Power’ button will blink indicating projector is warming up.
  • Once projector turns on, ‘Power’ button will stop blinking and projector indicator light will turn green.
  • To temporarily blackout display, press ‘Mute’ button on black control panel.
  • To turn projector off, press and hold ‘Power’ for 3-5 seconds.


  • Press ‘PC’ on black control panel on wall.
  • Login to Mac Mini with University username and password – OR – guest login credentials can be obtained from Help Desk.

Using a Laptop:


  • Press ‘HDMI’ from black control panel on wall.
  • Connect HDMI cable to laptop (use dongle if necessary for Mac laptop).
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  • Press ‘VGA’ from black control panel on wall.
  • Connect VGA cable to laptop (use dongle if necessary).
  • For audio on laptop, plug in the corresponding audio cable into laptop’s headphone jack.
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Using a Speakerphone:

The IP jack is on the north wall. Phone will automatically connect once it is plugged into the jack. Number for speakerphone is on the speakerphone's box and depends on which phone is used for the event.


  • If everything is on but nothing is displaying on the projector, make sure the correct light is on on the control panel.
  • If you're having other issues please refer to our guides for how to use the projector on the door near the control panel or contact the Help Desk.