Using Your i-card

Using the i-card readers to open doors in the iSchool Building

  • If the READY and PERMIT lights are on on the card reader, then the door is already unlocked. If you run your card through the reader, it will "think" that you are trying to lock the door, and unless you have locking access, you will get a DENY light.
  • If the READY light is on and the PERMIT light is off, run your card through the reader with the wide magnetic stripe on the card facing the right side of the reader.
  • If the reader can read the data on your card, the READY light will briefly go off while the data on your card is compared to the campus ID database. If you have permission to enter that location, you will then see both the READY and PERMIT lights go on and the door will unlock for four seconds. After four seconds, the PERMIT light will go off and the door will lock again.
  • If the DENY light comes on when you run your card through the reader, this means that you are not permitted to enter that door at that time.
  • If the reader cannot read your card, the READY light will simply not go out which does not mean you have been denied. It means that the reader didn't read your card at all. Try again at various speeds making sure the orientation of the card is correct.
  • If you have trouble with a particular reader reading your card (i.e., you have to run it through the reader many times before it finally is read), please report the problem to the Help Desk.
  • If no lights on the reader are on, it means that card access has been disabled for the door.

What to do if you are having i-card problems

If you are DENIED access to a door you believe you should have access to, you can either visit the front office (Room 112 LISB), or send the following information to help [at]

  1. The date and time you were denied.
  2. The door you were trying to use.
  3. A description of exactly what happened (were other people able to access the door? was the reader slow to respond for other people?).