Room 126


Room 126 Information

To reserve Room 126, contact the main office in Rm 112 (333-3280).  Please submit an AV request if you need technical support.

Room 126: capacity is 134 people.


Instructor's computer:

  • Dual boot Mac Mini running Mac and Windows.

Internet access:

  • Ethernet port for instructor's computer.
  • Wireless internet.


  • 2 LCD projectors.
  • 2 projector screens.
  • VGA cable for laptops.
  • HDMI cable for laptops.

Other equipment:

  • Touchscreen panel for controlling equipment.
  • Wireless mouse for instructor's machine.
  • Wireless keyboard keyboard for instructor's machine.
  • 4 microphones (2 lapel mics, 2 handheld mics with table stands).
  • Podium with microphones.
  • Speakers.
  • 2 wireless presentation remote controls (aka a "clickers").
  • USB hub.
  • Chalkboard.
  • Overhead projector.
  • Lighting controls. 

Operating the Equipment:

  • Touch 'Activate System' to start the initialization process. The projection screen will come down etc. at this point. You have to wait for the system to activate.
  • When you see: "You may now select a source", you may select the source (E.g. IBM) you wish to use.
  • To turn on the projector you will need to press 'Power' on the Panasonic projector remote.
  • You will need to use the touch screen interface to toggle on and off the equipment, adjust volume, shut down etc.
  • The interface is fairly intuitive, however it may require some additional explanation. Please see below for additional information regarding the specifics of the equipment and its features.

Using the Domain Mac Mini:

  • Once the projector is on press ‘IBM’ on the touchpad. Move the mouse or hit a button on the keyboard to get the machine out of sleep mode.
  • Choose an operating system and login to Mac Mini with University username and password – OR – guest login credentials can be obtained from Help Desk.

Using a Laptop:

  • Press ‘AUX’ on the touch panel, just below 'IBM' and 'MAC'.
  • Connect VGA cable to laptop (use dongle if necessary).
  • For audio on laptop, plug in the corresponding audio cable into laptop’s headphone jack.
  • Related: What is a VGA Cable Used For?

Using the DVD/Blu-ray Player:

  • Press ‘VCR’ on the touch panel
  • Blu-Ray player is located inside the wooden cabinet to the right of the computer- you will need to hit the 'Unlock VCR' button located on the top right area of the touchscreen.
  • To turn player on, press ‘On/Off’ button from player or remote.
  • Insert disc in player.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray disc will start after insert (if not, press ‘play’ on player or remote).
  • Remember to take DVD/Blu-Ray disc when finished.
  • To turn player off, press ‘On/Off’ button from player or remote.

Deactivating the Projector

  • Using the display control panel located on the east wall near the chalkboard, press and hold the "display power" button for 5 seconds to turn off the projector.
  • The light will flash while the projector is cooling down and shut off when it is finished.


  • Wireless microphones and a wired mic are in the VCR cabinet. Press "unlock VCR/Doc Cam cabinet" to access them. You must turn the battery pack for the mic on. The antenna on the pack must hang free or else the mic will not transmit properly.
  • The wired mic also must be turned on before use. The mic loops around the speaker's neck. This option is good for lecturers who are wearing clothes that don't work well with the clip-on wireless mic.
  • You do not need to turn the volume on the mic up so that you hear yourself through the system. If you can hear yourself, it is too loud.

General Use:

Please do not unplug or rewire cables or other devices within the cabinet. Please contact the Help Desk if you need any assistance.


  • Volume controls are on the right of the touch screen. There is a separate control for system volume, wireless mic volume and wired mic volume. There are also 8 sound amplifiers available for the hearing impaired in the VCR cabinet.


  • If you wish to adjust the lighting in the room you can use the touch screen's preset lighting settings or the external light switches.

Picture mute:

  • Allows you to turn off the projected image to work on a computer with out projecting it to the class etc. Press the "picture mute" button in lower left hand corner, touch it again to resume projection.

When You are Finished:

  • Log off the computer.
  • On control panel, touch "Return to Main" and then "system off" and finally "Yes (I want to shut down)."
  • You will not need to do anything else to turn off/shutdown any of the computers or equipment in the cabinet (this is done automatically).
  • Close cabinet doors (top cabinet, then door as well as VCR/Doc Cam cabinet).
  • Be sure all cabinet doors are closed.


  • If everything is on but nothing is displaying on the projector, make sure the correct option is selected on the touch screen.
  • If you're having other issues please refer to our guides for how to use the projector on the door near the control panel or contact the Help Desk.