Room 46


Room 46 Information

To reserve Room 46, contact the main office in Rm 112 (333-3280).  Please submit an AV request if you need technical support.

Room 46: capacity is 49 people.

Equipment Available:

Instructor's computer:

  • Dual boot Mac Mini running Mac and Windows.

Internet access:

  • Ethernet port for instructor's computer.
  • Wireless internet.


  • LCD projector.
  • Projector screen.
  • VGA cable for laptops.


  • Network jack for speakerphone labeled "IP PHONE."
  • Note: speakerphone only available by request.

Other equipment:

  • Wired mouse for instructor's machine.
  • Wired keyboard for instructor's machine.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray player.
  • Speakers.
  • Wireless presentation remote control (aka a "clicker").
  • USB hub.
  • Chalkboard.

Using the Projector:

  • To turn projector on, press ‘ Display Power’ button on black control panel on wall.
  • To temporarily blackout display, press ‘Video Mute’ button on control panel.
  • To turn projector off, press 'Display Power'.

Using the Domain Mac Mini:

  • Once the projector is on press ‘Computer’ from black control panel on wall. Move the mouse or hit a button on the keyboard to get the machine out of sleep mode.
  • Choose an operating system and login to Mac Mini with University username and password.

Using a Laptop:

  • Press ‘Laptop’ from black control panel on wall.
  • Connect VGA cable to laptop (use dongle if necessary).
  • For audio on laptop, plug in the corresponding audio cable into laptop’s headphone jack.
  • Related: What is a VGA Cable Used For?

Using the DVD/Blu-ray Player:

  • Press ‘Composite’ button on black control panel on wall.
  • Blu-Ray player is located inside wooden cabinet.
  • To turn player on, press ‘On/Off’ button from player or remote.
  • Insert disc in player.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray disc will start after insert (if not, press ‘play’ on player or remote).
  • Remember to take DVD/Blu-Ray disc when finished.
  • To turn player off, press ‘On/Off’ button from player or remote.

Deactivating the Projector

  • Using the display control panel located on the east wall near the chalkboard, press and hold the "display power" button for 5 seconds to turn off the projector.
  • The light will flash while the projector is cooling down and shut off when it is finished.


  • If the projected image is not centered, use the "horizontal position" button (i.e., the up and down arrows) located on the display control panel to center it.
  • If the computer or projector do not work as they should, please contact the Help Desk or refer to the Troubleshooting guide on the wall near the control panel.