Conference calls

Conference call instructions

  • Reserve a room (if needed) through the front office (112).
  • Fill out an AV request form for a speakerphone.
  • If making a long distance call, pick up a call log sheet from the Help Desk (228). Return the sheet to the front office after the event is finished.
  • Start typing either the phone number or name of the person (if on campus) you want to call.
  • Once you have put in the phone number or the individual is selected (scroll using the up and down buttons), hit the "call" button.
  • If you want to make a conference call (call multiple people), hit the "menu" button and choose "add others" then type in the phone number.
  • If you want to transfer the call, hit the "menu" button and choose "transfer" or "consult then transfer."
  • Select "end" when the call is complete.
  • If you have any problems using the speakerphone and it is during business hours (Monday-Friday 8-5), the Help Desk (217-244-4903) will gladly assist you.

How to make a conference call (phone bridge) on BBC

  • Enter your BBC live session.
  • Go to the menu in the audio/video section and select "configure telephone conference."
  • Under session information, type in the telephone number of the speakerphone. Then select "save and connect."
  • Pick up the call from the speaker phone. Make sure any computers in the room running BBC are muted or put into phone mode to ensure there is no echo.
  • To call another person, use the speaker phone, select the "menu" button and then select "add others."