Home Computer Support

Our goal in technical support is to enable and sustain the school's teaching, research, administrative, and outreach functions. Sometimes this may require that technical support be provided for computing equipment at a staff or faculty member’s home. In order to ensure that IT staff are providing appropriate support and not merely substituting human resources for capital expenditures, the School has established the following policy regarding technical support of home equipment.

Note: This policy applies for technical staff working directly on home machines only. General support for instructional purposes, including advice and troubleshooting, will continue as part of the support staff's mission.

IT Staff will provide hardware/software support for home computers under the following conditions:

  1. The School must own the computer hardware/software.
  2. The machine/software being maintained is being used for teaching, research, administration, or outreach.
  3. The hardware must be standard School-supported hardware. With the exception of grandfathered systems, IT staff must be part of the process of selecting and decommissioning any school-supported hardware.
  4. The operating system and applications must be standard School installations. Special software will be installed and supported if it is required for mission-related activities (teaching, administration, research, etc.), but in these cases, IT staff should be part of the process of selecting this software.
  5. The equipment must be brought in for repairs. IT staff do not make house calls.
  6. If the equipment is five years old or older, it will not be supported. Equipment more than three years old may not be supported, at the discretion of IT staff.

If you have questions about this policy or wish to request support for a home computer, contact the Help Desk.