Forwarding Exchange Email

University of Illinois Email

You  must request a University of Illinois email account in order to receive important updates from GSLIS and the University. To request the account, please go to the Partner Computing website. Once you have the account, you must either check it regularly or have the email forwarded to an account that you do check.

Forward your University of Illinois Exchange account

  • Go to and log in with your University of Illinois password. Let this page finish loading without hitting the Continue button twice. If you do hit it twice, it won't let you log in and you'll have to quit the browser, re-start it and then try again.
  • Enter your preferred email address in the "Mail" field, click Apply, wait for the page to reload, and then click Logout.
  • Go to and log in with your University of Illinois password. You'll be asked if you use a screen reader, if English is your preferred language and you'll select your time zone.
  • Click the Options link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then click on Create an Inbox Rule.
  • Click on New.
  • Use the drop-down arrows to create the rules.
  • From the "When the message arrives, and" list please select "Apply to all messages."
  • From the "Do the following" list, please select "redirect the message to..."
  • Type in the address you want your messages to go to in the "To -->" field.
  • Click on Save (towards the bottom of the window).
  • A warning box will pop up asking if you want to apply the rule to all future messages. Click Yes.
  • You should see the new rule in the "Inbox Rules" list. A check mark next to it means it is turned on.
  • Log out.