Printing can be a complex process to set up, but is obviously an important function. These instructions are laid out to help the majority of people answer the most commonly asked questions. If you need assistance or have a question that isn't addressed on this page, please contact the Help Desk.

I need to...

  1. print from my Windows laptop.
  2. print from my Mac laptop.
  3. know how much it costs to print.
  4. print so my file doesn't print until I'm at the printer to pick it up.
  5. find the printers and see what models they are.
  6. print to a non-iSchool University printer.

Scanning (Optimus, 2nd Floor Printer)

  1. From the Home Services screen select Email.
  2. Enter the email address you would like to use by selecting New recipient and entering the email address.
  3. You can set the copier to automatically send the file when all the pages it detects are scanned or program jobs in multiple segments and email when done adding pages (such as when you are scanning a book and need to flip pages).
    To scan all detected pages then automatically send:
    • Put your pages into the appropriate tray then hit the green Start Button.
    • Once scanned it will send the file to the specified email address.
    To scan in multiple segments then send:
    • Select Job Assistant tab.
    • Select Build Job, then touch On.
    • Insert your pages in the appropriate tray and press the green Start button to scan and add the segment. Repeat until all pages are added.
    • When finished press Submit Job to email all the segments as one PDF.