Secure printing

How to print securely

Sometimes you want to print materials of a sensitive nature. To accommodate the need for privacy, the School has instituted secure printing. Secure printing allows you to send the job but not have the document released until you enter a PIN on the printer. If you don't see these options you may need to reinstall the printer and make sure the setting to enable secure printing is checked.

1. Go to the print menu in the program you are using (usually by going to file -> Print).
2. Select the appropriate printer and go to "Printer Properties" or "Preferences" (the exact wording and location will vary depending on the program you are using).
3. On the printer properties screen go to the "Job Storage" tab. You will find multiple options you can edit:

  • Job Storage Mode: Select "Personal Job"
  • Make Job Private/Secure: Here you can set your own four digit PIN. If you don't put in a PIN it will still wait for you to start the job from the printer itself, but anyone will be able to start it.
  • User Name: By default your netID. You can change it if you'd like.
  • Job Name: By default it will be called the filename of the document you are trying to print.

4. Once you're done customizing your settings, hit "OK" and send the print job.
5. Go up to the printer and hit the "OK" button.
6. Scroll down to "Retrieve from Device Memory" and hit OK.
7. Select the folder with your netID (or whatever username you put in) and hit OK.
8. Select the name of your print job and hit OK.
9. Choose "Print" and hit OK.
10. If you entered a PIN, a PIN dialogue will appear. Put in the four digit PIN you created for step 3B and hit OK.
11. Make sure the number of copies is at "1" and hit OK.