Printing from Windows Laptops

As of March 15th 2017 we have migrated to a new printing system. If you have previously installed iSchool printers please remove them before following the instructions below, and if you still have the Printer Mounter program installed we recommend uninstalling it, as it is not necessary anymore and running it may cause printing problems in the new system.

  1. Make sure your wireless networking is enabled and that you are connected to IllinoisNet.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel and select View Devices and Printers. From there select Add a Printer at the top of the window.
  3. When the Searching for Available Printers... window appears, select The printer that I want isn't listed when it comes up.
  4. Toggle the Select a shared printer by name option then click Browse...
  5. In the address bar (where it says Network) type \\ and hit Enter. If prompted for credentials, check Remember credentials and for the username put UOFI\NetID (replace NetID with your NetID) and put in your University password (used for IllinoisNet, webmail, and most other services).
  6. Click on the printer you want to add. Generally we recommend adding Optimus, the color printer near the second floor mailboxes, and Janus, the black and white printer on the second floor near the center staircase. Once selected hit Next.
  7. It should now download the driver and install the printer. Hit Next again when you get the message that the printer has been successfully installed. Feel free to print a test page or click on Finish.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for any other printers you would like to add.

    NOTE: If you needed to authenticate in step five and didn't check Remember Credentials you may not be able to print after disconnecting from the network. If you are experiencing this issue go to Control Panel, then search for Credential Manager. Go to Windows Credentials, then Add a Windows Credential. For the network address put, and for the username and password use the same information as in step five. Hit OK. Reboot the computer and try again.