Communications Office

The Communications Office serves as the School's strategic communications and marketing unit. The breadth of its activities center around advancing the mission of the School through print and electronic media and our website. In addition to preparing promotional materials and Intersections magazine, the office produces two high-quality publications, Library Trends and The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

Areas Responsible Staff Member

Leadership and general oversight

Development of overarching communications goals and strategies; managerial and fiscal authority; special projects and project management; personnel administration; managing editor of Library Trends

Cindy Ashwill
Assistant Dean for Communications
cashwill [at]
(217) 244-4643

Publications management, website strategy, and media relations

Strategic development and execution of communications with an emphasis on faculty research, including management of the School's magazine, website strategy, and media relations

Cindy Brya
Assistant Director for Communications
brya [at]
(217) 333-8312

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Requests for calendar additions:
  • Requests for the website (announcements, page updates/corrections, etc.): web [at]
  • Requests for publicity for special projects, flyers, media announcements, and story ideas: communications [at]