Campus Resources

Office of Public Affairs

This site serves as a portal to a number of resources and services related to effective communications; e.g., developing Web sites, campus facts, and a resource library. Public Affairs offers free and at-cost promotional items for use by campus units through Illinois in a Box.

Logos (I Mark)  for Official Campus Communications

The I Mark is available for download in various styles and formats. The campus logo appears within the section entitled "Urbana-Champaign Logo."

Illinois Identity Standards: General Guidelines

This page contains information about the versions of the I Mark, the use of trademark symbols, the Illinois and Urbana-Champaign logos, and the buffer zone to be used with I Mark.

Note: A buffer zone of at least one-third the height of the I Mark must be maintained between the I Mark and any text or design element.

The Illinois Identity Standards include guidelines for the production of print materials. The I Mark must appear on the front of all print materials, and the Illinois logo or Urbana-Champaign logo must appear elsewhere in the materials. Campus web guidelines also are available.

Campus Logos for Merchandise

When ordering merchandise such as coffee mugs or t-shirts, a campus logo for licensed merchandise should be used. These logos include a trademark symbol. When the 1867 version of the I Mark is placed on merchandise, it must appear with the registered trademark symbol and be produced by a licensed manufacturer. The same is true of the standard version of the I Mark, only the trademark symbol must appear.


A collection of campus-branded PowerPoint templates is available for use by faculty, students, and staff. An editable template for printed research posters also is available for download. For a set price, Facilities and Services Printing Department will print and laminate posters and provide a mailing tube for transportation; ordering information, including instructions on how to use the template, are embedded in the PowerPoint file.

For Student Organizations: The ReSOurce Center

The Illini Union ReSOurce Center is a full-service resource center for student organizations at the University of Illinois. Conveniently located adjacent to the Student Organization Complex and the RSO Office, the ReSOurce Center offers a wide range of services, including graphic design services, a print/copy center, and multimedia equipment checkout.


If you need stock photographs for your PowerPoint presentation or website, consider using the Public Affairs Image Database. Public Affairs maintains a growing collection of campus images. The Image Database offers consistent, quality images for use in the promotion of the Illinois campus and programs. For access, please send an e-mail request to ui-photo [at] If you already have access to the Image Database, log in here.

Writing Style Guide

This resource provides general guidelines for text used in communications, including spelling, capitalization, usage of abbreviations and acronyms, correct placement of italics and quotation marks, etc. Specific entries in this guide supersede guidelines presented in other reference works such as The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition and Webster's New World Dictionary.

Please note that "UIUC" should not be used to refer to the Urbana campus. As stated in the Writing Style Guide:

In text, the first reference to the campus should be: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Acceptable second references to the campus include Illinois, U of I (for in-state and alumni audiences), and Urbana or the Urbana campus (to distinguish this campus from the Springfield and Chicago campuses). On subsequent references, make sure that the use is consistent.

Do not use UIUC to refer to the campus. View the policy in the Campus Administrative Manual.

You might want to consider hiring a photographer. Although hiring a photographer is more expensive than using stock photography, you will have greater control over the art and will be able to ensure that the faculty, students, and staff in your pictures are actually from the University of Illinois.

A list of approved photography vendors is available at the Public Affairs Event Planning Guide. Please note that you must determine whether your specific use requires a model or property release.