iSchool Resources

School Wordmark

Note: The block I should be included on official campus publications. A buffer zone of at least the height of the block I must be maintained between the wordmark and any text or design element. For more information, visit our Campus Resources page.

Electronic Letterhead

Electronic letterhead is provided for the convenience of faculty and staff. According to campus letterhead standards, it may not be used to circumvent the requirements for printed stationery as described in the Campus Administrative Manual. The watermark of the University seal in the bond paper certifies to the recipient that the document is an official University communication, a requirement for some grants and in some legal issues.

Note: The School's e-letterhead may be used for unofficial correspondence, both internal and external. When printed, the return address and footer appear in black rather than blue; this design element is required by campus in order to distinguish it from official letterhead as described above.

PowerPoint Template

This template incorporates the School brand and is intended specifically for presentations. 

A collection of campus-branded PowerPoint templates also is available for use by faculty, students, and staff.

Research Poster Template

This template was created using the campus-branded template.

For a set price, Document Services will print and laminate posters and provide a mailing tube for transportation; ordering information, including instructions on how to use the template, are embedded in the PowerPoint file.

Generic Document Templates

This document template is intended for use in publicizing programs, events, presentations, etc. It can be customized with text relevant to the topic. The finished product can be printed in house, on campus, or through a local vendor.


A vertical display banner is available for use at School-approved conferences, recruitment fairs, etc. this. If you would like to reserve a banner for an upcoming event, please contact cashwill [at] (Cindy Ashwill).