Each year, the School presents a number of lectures that address critical and timely topics in library and information science.

In accordance with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act of 2008, lecture transcripts are available upon request. Please contact help [at] support.lis.illinois.edu with your request. We ask that you allow two weeks for transcription and we reserve the right to ask for more time, depending upon limited captioning capacity.

Some sessions are available only to current iSchool faculty, staff, and students.

2017 Lectures

16948180091_5ff9f5d643_o.png?itok=X1V47S  2017 Gryphon Lecture, presented by Kafi D. Kumasi, iSchool Research Fellow and Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Wayne State University | Audio (recorded 4/28/17)


ischool_otletlecture_600x400-01.png?itok  2017 Otlet Lecture, presented by Matthew Battles, associate director for metaLAB at Harvard University | Slides with audio (recorded 4/25/17)




ischool-in-color.png?itok=kJWG-gFP Black comics and creators brownbag lunch, presented by Damian Duffy and Carol Tilley | Slides/audio (recorded 2/6/17)

Alumni Panel, Liza Booker (MS '13), Harriett Green (MS '09), William Langston (MS '14), Jerrod Moore (MS '15) |  Slides/audio (recorded 2/20/17)


fakenews.jpg?itok=KbUWo2cW Fake News Workshop
Presented by Nicole A. Cooke, Stephanie Craft, Barbara M. Jones, and Rachel M. Magee
Slides/audio | Handout
Recorded 2/1/17