1997 Archives 

Customer Service in Libraries
Christine Hagar
slides | audio recorded 12/8/97

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop
Curt McKay
audio recorded 11/17/97

Vision for the Library of the 21st Century
Ken Dowlin
audio recorded 5/6/97

Libraries: Local Touch, Global Reach
Barbara Ford
audio recorded 4/16/97

Seven Stages of Information Retrieval
Michael Lesk
audio recorded 4/17/97

Salary Negotiation Workshop
Leigh Estabrook
audio recorded 3/1/97

1998 Archives

Focus 580: Community Networks
Martin Wolske, director of Prairienet, spoke with host David Inge of WILL AM 580.
audio recorded 12/11/98

Karin Donahue talk
Karin Donahue, director of the Information Center with the Chicago law firm Gardner, Carton & Douglas.
audio recorded 11/19/98

Samantha Whitney-Ulane talk
Samantha Whitney-Ulane, Director of Research and Information Services, the Carlyle Group, and past President of the Illinois Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.
audio recorded 11/10/98

Special Libraries Association Panel Discussion: Medical and Science/Technology Librarians
Jerry DeWitt and Laura Barnes
audio recorded 10/24/98 (lower quality audio here)

Issues in Collection Development
Milton Wolf, Vice-President for Collection Programs at the Center for Research Libraries.
audio recorded 9/18/98

1999 Archives

International Librarianship
Robert Wedgeworth spoke to GSLIS students about IFLA and international issues in librarianship.
audio recorded 11/12/99

LIS Education for the 21st Century
Linda Smith discussed issues raised about the future of LIS education at an international conference she attended.
audio recorded 11/3/99

Special Libraries Association
Sara Thompson and Jan Sykes spoke to the student chapter of SLA about special librarianship and trends in the profession.
audio recorded 10/21/99

LIS 390 Poster Session: Mary Dempsey Interview
Mary Dempsey, Commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, spoke with LEEP student Liz Ledbury-Kickham as part of the LIS 390 poster session.  Archived with special permission from Ms. Dempsey.
audio recorded 7/29/99

Focus 580: Privatization of the Internet
Dan Schiller spoke on WILL's Focus 580.
audio recorded 5/28/99

Arthur Andersen and the ASK Network
Marsha Fulton of Arthur Andersen
audio recorded 5/11/99

The Solo Librarian
Judith Siess, author of The SOLO Librarians Sourcebook
audio recorded 5/3/99

Jane Gottlieb talk
Jane Gottlieb, head of the Julliard School Library
audio recorded 4/19/99

Urban Public Libraries
Joey Rodger, President of the Urban Libraries Council
audio recorded 4/13/99

Beyond the Valley of the Mega-Publishers: Collecting Alternative Library Materials
Chris Dodge, cataloger, Hennepin County Library.  Chris is also the co-editor of the MSRRT Newsletter and is the Street Librarian. When Chris holds up two examples of the popular press in this speech, he is holding (but does not identify) Time and Newsweek.
audio recorded 3/26/99