Sandy Berman Lecture
Sandy Berman spoke with Pat Lawton's 407LE class. Pat has decided to share the audio with the GSLIS community.
audio recorded 1/16/00

Gates Foundation Lecture
Carol Erickson of the Gates Foundation spoke with members of the GSLIS community about the Foundation's goals and philosophy. The first hour (audio) focused on the Foundation's international efforts. The second hour (audio)focused on efforts within public libraries in the U.S.
recorded 7/12/00

Focus 580: The Possibilities of Building Communities through Computer Networking
Martin Wolske of Prairienet and Ann Bishop of GSLIS spoke with host David Inge of WILL AM 580.  Archived audio (6/13/00) currently unavailable

Creating Career Paths
Dean Leigh Estabrook spoke with GSLIS alumni Roger Strouse.
resume | audio recorded 4/21/00

Integrated Library Systems: A View from the Trenches
Sara Randall, Director of Library Systems for UIUC
an ALA student chapter event
audio recorded 4/19/00

A Librarian at Microsoft
GSLIS Alum Vivian Bliss spoke about her experiences as a librarian at Microsoft and her experiences in working on the MSWeb project.
an ASIS&T student chapter event
audio recorded on 3/31/00

Does it have to be that way? Making the case for the Alternative Press in libraries.
Jim Danky spoke about including alternative publications in the library.
an ALA student chapter event
audio recorded 2/25/00

Art and Museum Librarianship
Jack Brown, Director, Ryerson and Burnham Libraries of the Art Institute of Chicago.
an SLA student chapter event
audio recorded 1/28/00