Salary Negotiation Workshop
Leigh Estabrook
an ALA sponsored event
audio recorded 12/5/05

Designing Game-Based Learning Environments
Kurt Squire, University of Wisconsin-Madison
audio recorded 11/15/05

Bridging the Innovation Divide: Advancing the Diffusion of Technology Innovations in Underserved Communities
Randal Pinkett
slides | audio recorded 11/15/05

Discussion With Alice Cisna, Arthur Public Library
An SLA-sponsored discussion concerning the challenges and opportunities involved when serving a town of 2200 and the approximately 3500 members of the surrounding Amish community.
audio recorded 11/1/05

Mortenson Distinguished Lecture
Democracy and Libraries in Columbia: From Oral Culture to the World of the Book
Dr. Jorge Orlando Melo Gonzalez, Director of the Department of Libraries and Fine Art at the Banco de la Republica and of the Luis Angel Arango Library
audio recorded 10/26/05

Windsor Lecture Series
The Academic Library in a Googlezon World
Roy Tennant, User Services Architect, California Digital Library
video | audio and discussion audio recorded 10/21/05

GSLIS Chinese Group Alumni Talk
GSLIS Alumnae Fang Huang Gao (MS '02), Serials Cataloger, UIUC Library
audio recorded 10/21/05

Digital Tools for Digital Librarians
David Nichols, Computer Science Department, University of Waikato, New Zealand
slides | audio recorded 10/20/05

ASIS&T XML Workshop
Tom Habing, Research Programmer at Grainger Library and Tim Cole, Math Librarian and Associate GSLIS Professor
audio recorded 10/16/05

Beyond the Website: Managing Complexity with Reliable Systems
Jonathan Kozolchyk graduated from UIUC in 2001 with a major in CS and the GSLIS IT Minor. His talk provides insight into the challenges faced by Amazon.com in managing complexity in a reliable manner.
audio recorded 10/14/05

Charting Our Future: Advocacy to Advance Academic Libraries
Camila Alire, President, ACRL
an ACRL student chapter sponsored event
audio recorded 10/10/05

Youth Literature Research Showcase
Three faculty from the Youth Literature Interest Group presented their research from the different disciplinary perspectives of Library and Information Science (Betsy Hearne, UIUC), Education (Karla Moller, UIUC), and English (Roberta Trites, ISU)
audio recorded 10/6/05

Job Trends Discussion with Joel Berger, President of C. Berger Group
an SLA sponsored event
audio recorded 10/6/05

Introduction to Office of Technology Management / Entrepreneurial Center
John McEntire,  Office of Technology Management
audio recorded 9/15/05

Online Community vs. Networked Individualism
Lori Kendall
slides | audio recorded 5/5/05

Michael Gorman Lecture
The President-elect of ALA talked about his ideas for the future of ALA and librarianship in general.
audio recorded 4/21/05

The History of the Future of Librarianship
A panel discussion with Michael Gorman, Dean John Unsworth and University Librarian Paula Kaufman.
audio recorded 4/21/05

Workshop on Serving International Students
An ALA event with Dana Wright, Carol Inskeep and Lynne Rudasil
audio recorded 4/18/05

GSLIS Storytelling Festival recorded on 4/9/05

How the Stories Came to Earth told by Hope Morrison audio
The Two Pickpockets told by Annette Lesak audio
Women's Wiles told by Molly Dolan audio
Chickens told by Jennifer Greene audio
Screwdriver Malloy told by Barb Bolser audio
Boiling Water told by Kristin Hungerford audio
The Underwater Palace told by Dave Dubin audio
The Dough Prince told by Betsy Hearne audio
The Mouse Bride told by Minjie Chen audio
The Story of Colors/ Las Historia de los Colores told by Claudia Quintero-Ulloa audio
Soap, Soap, Soap told by Sarah Dutelle audio

SPAM Control for Your Email
Leslie Rankin, Security Support Specialist, CITES
slides | audio recorded 4/15/05

How To Be A Good Corporate Librarian
John Laskowski (a GSLIS grad) of Humans Kinetics Publishing
slides | audio recorded 4/15/05

Internationalizing GSLIS
John Unsworth, Dean of GSLIS
audio recorded 4/5/05

LIS Job Market, Alternative LIS Careers and Interviewing Techniques
Joel Berger, President, C. Berger Group
audio recorded 3/31/05

ALA Job Lecture
Lorelle Swader, Director, Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment
audio recorded 3/28/05

Fellowship Opportunities for GSLIS Students
Deborah Richie, Assistant Dean, Graduate College and GSLIS Staff: Linda Smith, Susan Barrick, Rae-Anne Montague, Chantelle Hougland
slides | audio recorded 3/16/05

Meet our CLIR Fellows & discuss CLIR Fellowships
Learn more about CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources), the CLIR Fellows at UIUC and Fellowships for Postdoctoral Study in Scholarly Information Resources
audio recorded 3/15/05.

GSLIS Research Showcase
The second annual Research Showcase on 3/14/05 gave an overview of the cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research of GSLIS faculty and doctoral students.  See the Research Showcase Archive Page for more information.

SLA Leadership Presentation
Ethel Salonen, President of the Special Libraries Association
slides | audio recorded 3/14/05

Introduction to the Bibliomining Process Workshop
Scott Nicholson, Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
slides | complete audio | audio part I | audio part II | audio part III recorded 3/4/05

Gryphon Lecture Series
Becoming What You Eat: Identifying with Food in Children's Picture Books

Perry Nodelman, Professor of English at the University of Winnipeg
audio recorded 3/3/05

Sound Bytes: Digitizing Audio Materials
Richard Urban, Collaborative Digitization Program
see also: http://lib.colostate.edu/gfr/
audio recorded 3/2/05

Conference Attendance 101
A panel of LIS professionals covered topics such as how to approach vendors, how to choose your sessions and conducting a job search.
Sponsored by the ALA Student Chapter
audio recorded 2/28/05

Windsor Lecture Series
What Children Can Teach Us: Lessons Learned from the Trenches of Digital Libraries
Professor Allison Druin, College of Information Studies and Human-Computer Interaction Lab
see also: http://www.icdlbooks.org
audio recorded 2/25/05

Informationalizing El Salvador: Participatory design of a national information and ICT strategy
Christina Courtright, Doctoral Student at Indiana University
audio recorded 2/24/05

ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table
Al Kagan
an ALA sponsored event
audio recorded 2/18/05

Community Informatics Research Speaker Series
Storytelling skills in preschoolers from low income families
Adele Proctor, Professor in Speech and Hearing Sciences
audio recorded 2/17/05.

Museum Informatics
Paul Marty, Professor, Florida State University, and former Director of the Spurlock Museum at UIUC
audio recorded 2/11/05