Family, Youth, and Literature Conference
Keynote Speech
Hazel Rochman
audio recorded 10/20/06

Mortenson Distinguished Lecture
Can International Organizations Deliver the Information Society?
Alex Byrne, President, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
audio recorded 10/16/06

Windsor Lecture Series

The Google Library: 10 Questions
Siva Vaidhyanathan, Associate Professor of Culture and Communications, New York University
slides | audio recorded 10/12/06

FAST Transitions in OPACs: From Subject Heading Lists to Faceted Strings
Pauline Atherton Cochrane, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Syracuse University
handout 1 (PDF) | handout 2 (PDF) | audio recorded 5/12/06

Building a Collaborative KnowledgeSpace for Humanist Scholars
Dr. Ian Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sydney
smil | slides | video recorded 4/27/06

GSLIS Storytelling Festival recorded on 4/24/06

Old One Eye told by Kristin Hungerford audio
Zanzibar told by Katrina Bromman audio
Abiyoyo told by Richard Urban audio
My Song For Papa told by Claudia Quintero audio
Mr. Snitzel's Cookie told by Barb Bolser audio
Old Dry Frye told by Nina Shimmin audio
The Lass That Couldn't Be Frighted told by Joella Peterson audio
The Happy Shirt told by Sarah Dutelle audio
How Bobtail Beat the Devil told by Betsy Hearne audio
Princess' Promise told by Kate McDowell audio

The What, Why, and How of Podcasting
Professor Burks Oakley
an ASIS&T sponsored event
audio | mp3

Taming the Emergency Department Chief Complaint: Transforming Unstructured Data Elements for Secondary Uses
Stephanie Haas, Professor, SLIS UNC Chapel Hill
slides | audio recorded 4/17/06

Refactoring Digital Natural History Texts
These talks supported by NSF/BDI #0113918 Grant: TeleNature
audio recorded 4/17/06

  • Digitizing Plant Taxonomy Literature (1753-1923) and your Home PC - Chris Freeland, Web Group Project Leader and Doug Holland, Library Director Missouri Botanical Garden | slides
  • Bridging Biomedical and Biodiversity Knowledge Through Literature - Indra Neil Sarkar, Bioinformatics Associate in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology American Museum of Natural History | slides
  • taXMLit and INOTAXA: Creation of a web space for taxonomy with access to contents of taxonomic literature - Anna L. Weitzman, Informatics Branch Chief, National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institute | slides
  • Open Access to Legacy Taxonomic Literature: The Biodiversity Heritage - Martin R. Kalfatovic, Head, New Media Office and Preservation Services Department Smithsonian Institution Libraries | slides

SLA Grant Workshop
Susan Harum, director of the Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)
audio recorded 4/13/06

Spring 2006 Career Workshops

  • The Job Search Process with Dale Silver handout | audio recorded 4/7/06
  • Cover Letter and Resume Writing with Curt McKay audio recorded 4/14/06
  • Interviewing Skills with Curt McKay audio recorded 4/21/06
  • Salary Negotiation with Leigh Estabrook audio recorded 4/28/06

ALA Presidential Candidate Interview
The ALA student group sponsored an interview with candidates Bill Crowe and Loriene Roy
audio recorded 4/4/06

GSLIS Research Showcase
The third annual Research Showcase on 3/10/06 gave an overview of the cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research of GSLIS faculty and doctoral students. Audio

The Genius of Library Cataloging and its Possible Future
Dr. Francis Miksa
an ALA sponsored event
audio recorded 3/6/06

Gryphon Lecture Series
Stony the Road We Trod: African American Children's Literature, Stories of a People's Journey
Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop
sponsored by the Youth Literature Interest Group
audio recorded 2/23/06

Cataloging a Campus: Information management lessons from the UIPhotos project, a collection of more that 60,000 images of the UIUC campus.
Kalev Leetaru, GSLIS Doctoral Student
audio recorded 1/26/06