GSLIS Research Forum:
Professor Thomas Haigh "The Secret History of Open Source Software Practices: Their Corporate and Scientific Origins, 1954-1980"
audio recorded 11/28/07

Birger Hjorland: Arguments for the ''bibliographical paradigm''
audio recorded 10/09/2007

Windsor Lecture Series
"Using the Future to Create the Present."
Betty Sue Flowers, Director of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

audio recorded 9/26/07

Professional Development Series

  • Job hunting and beginning a career in academic libraries - Merinda Hensley, GSLIS alum and Visiting Librarian for Instructional Services at the UIUC Library
    slides | audio recorded 5/24/07
  • Networking and Job Hunting - Rebecca Bryant, Assistant Dean, UIUC Graduate College
    audio recorded 5/21/07 (abbreviated due to technical problems)
    More job hunting resources available at the Career Services website
  • Job Hunting and Career Development in Public Libraries - Nanette Donohue, Technical Services Manager, Champaign Public Library
    resources | audio recorded 5/22/07

Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan
A Culture- and Community-Focused Methodology for Digital Libraries and Museums audio recorded 5/2/07

GSLIS Storytelling Festival recorded 4/21/07
Listen to the entire festival here: audio

Curtain Rods told by Kathe Brinkmann audio
Three Strong Women told by Sue Searing audio
The Scotsman told by Jennifer D. Miller audio
Angelique and the Wolf-Man told by Joella Peterson audio
My Goalie Coach told by Erin Miller audio
A Fairy Tale told by Sarah Park audio
First Drive told by Bryan A. Clark audio
The Bird, the Mouse, and the Sausage told by Kimberly Ulrich audio
The Effectual, Fervent Prayer...of Jedediah Combs told by Angela Supernaw audio
The Golden Ball told by Sara Schepis audio
The Strawberries of the Little Men told by Vanessa Nelson audio
The Ram in the Chili Patch told by Kate McDowell audio
The Nose told by Betsy Hearne audio
The Serving Man told by Dan Keding audio

University of Illinois and Sao Tome & Principe Partnership
Paul Adams, Prairienet; Brett Bridgeland, Architecture; Vicki Eddings, ESLARP; Beth Larkee and Jake Odland, GSLIS students
slides audio recorded 4/13/07

Open Data and Open Access Publishing in the Chemical Sciences
Dr. Peter Murray-Rust, faculty member at the University of Cambridge.  Sponsored by the Scientific Communication Initiative.
slides* | audio recorded 3/23/07
*xhtml and svg formats (svg viewer or capable browser required) 

Gryphon Lecture Series
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Roger Sutton, editor-in-chief of The Horn Book
sponsored by the Youth Literature Interest Group
audio recorded 3/2/07

Windsor Lecture: The Network Rewrites the Library
Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President and Chief Strategist for OCLC Online Computer Library Center
slides | audio recorded 2/23/07

Libraries, Community and Change in Post-Soviet Russia: The Case of the Bryansk Region Public LIbrary System
Ellen Knutson, GSLIS PhD student
slides | audio recorded 2/21/07

Topic Maps Presentation
Patrick Durusau was a guest speaker for LIS590RO
slides | topic map resources | audio recorded 2/21/07