"Towards Evidence-Based Discovery"
Catherine Blake, Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
audio recorded 12/11/2008

"Claiming Space! Black Girls Creating and Critiquing Community"
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
Ruth Nicole Brown, Professor, Gender and Women's Studies and Educational Policy, Illinois
audio recorded 12/10/2008 | slides

"Telecommunications and Imperialism: Double-Edged Sword"
Daniel Headrick, Professor Emeritus at Roosevelt University
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio recorded 12/08/08

"Community Gardens"
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
Michelle Wander, Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, UIUC & 2008-2009 CII Fellow
audio recorded 11/12/08 | slides

"Global Internet Standards and Developing Nations"
Laura DeNardis, Associate Research Scholar in Law and Executive Director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio recorded 11/10/08 | MP3

Windsor Lecture Series
Digital History: Revolution or Revelation?
Dr. Ian Wilson
audio recorded 10/31/08 | MP3

"Libraries and Librarians Abroad"
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
Victor Ochieng, Kenya slides
Andres Felipe Tamayo Arias, Colombia slides
audio recorded 10/29/08

Crosswalk Project (OCLC Research and Crosswalk Registries)
Jean Godby & Devon Smith from OCLC Research
Metadata Round Table
audio recorded 10/15/08

"Using GIS to Increase Citizen Participation"
Jon Gant, GSLIS Associate Professor
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
slides | audio recorded 10/15/08

"Blacked Out: Government Secrecy and Freedom of Information: An International Perspective"
Alasdair Roberts, Professor of Law and Public Policy at Suffolk University Law School 
"Information in Society" speaker series
audio recorded 10/6/08

"Civic Intelligence and Liberating Voices, A Pattern Language for Communication Revolution: Informal Reports and Requests for Participation"
Douglas Schuler, Visiting Scholar
slides | audio recorded 9/30/08

"The Doctoral Thesis in the Digital Age"
Richard Andrews, University of London; Visiting Research Fellow
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
audio recorded 9/24/08

"Rural Librarians as Community Leaders"
Anne Heinze Silvis extension specialist in Program Development for University of Illinois Extension
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
slides | audio recorded 9/17/08

"Libraries Advocating for Access to Knowledge: Our Role in the Global A2K Movement."
Teresa Hackett, manager, eIFL-IP (Electronic Information for Libraries - Intellectual Property)
slides | audio recorded 9/17/08

"How Demand-Side Computing Shaped the History of Digitization"
Dr. James Cortada, author and member of the IBM Institute for Business Value
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio recorded 9/8/08

"Libraries, Librarians, and Information in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa"
Barbara Ford, Director of the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at Illinois
Susan Schnuer, Associate Director of the Mortenson Center
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
slides | audio recorded 04/30/2008

"Civic Engagement and Interdisciplinary Data in the New Philadelphia Project"
Professor Chris Fennell, Department of Anthropology at Illinois
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
audio recorded 04/23/2008

GSLIS Storytelling Festival recorded 04/12/08
Listen to the entire festival here: audio | Program

  • Those Three Wishes told by Molly Dolan audio
  • Tom Whitewashes the Fence told by Sara Schepis audio
  • The Legend of Knockmany told by Anna Dombrowski audio
  • Tadpole's Promise told by Katrina Bromann & Elizabeth Voss audio
  • Brynhild and Siegfried told by Ata Bird audio
  • The Three Little Pigs told by Becca Krznarich audio
  • Why the Sea is Salt told by Ying Yi Fong audio
  • It Could Always be Worse told by Rachel Schulman audio
  • Vinegar Bottle (Life is Not Fair) told by Kate McDowell audio
  • The Letter told by Dan Keding audio
  • Annie-O told by Dan Keding audio

Andruid Kerne
Texas A&M University
audio recorded 04/08/2008

Research Showcase 4/4/08

  • Welcome Dan Schiller audio
  • MONK (Metadata Offer New Knowledge) John Unsworth audio | slides
  • Preserving Virtual Worlds Jerome McDonough audio | slides
  • Just Me in a Closet with a Computer: Student Perceptions of Undergraduate Information Technology Programs Heekyung Choiaudio | slides
  • Haddocks' Eyes: Where are we going with preservation? David Dubin audio
  • A History of Children as Readers, 1881-1926 Kate McDowell audio
  • Overview of Research Centers and Poster Session Ken Spelke audio

"Gender and Computing in the Push-Button Library, 1965-1985"
Dr. Greg Downey, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio recorded 04/03/2008

Salary Negotiation Workshop
Leigh Estabrook, Dean Emerita
audio recorded 04/01/2008

"Forming International Research Collaborations"
Dr. Marcela Raffaelli, Professor of Human and Community Development at UIUC
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
slides | audio recorded 03/26/2008

"Strategic Behavior and Combinatorial Betting in Prediction Markets"
Dr. Yiling Chen
slides | audio recorded 03/26/2008

"Computational Social Science with an HCI Accent."
Dan Cosley audio unavailable slides

Lecture on CI curriculum
The Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series presents "Shaping a Curriculum in Community Informatics: Contributions in Archive Preservation and Youth Media." with Anke Voss.
audio recorded 3/12/2008

Windsor Lecture Series
"Library Research and Its Infrastructure in the Twentieth Century"
Dr. Andrew Abbott, University of Chicago
PDF format | audio recorded 3/12/2008

The Aleph in the Archive: Appraisal & Preservation of a Natural Electronic Archive
Maria Esteva
slides | audio recorded 03/06/2008

Interview Essentials
Melissa Wong
handout | audio recorded 03/02/2008

Gryphon Lecture Series
"Cause really they only have a few books I like": Young adults and (non)use of public libraries
Dr. Lynne McKechnie
sponsored by the Youth Literature Interest Group
slides | audio recorded 03/01/2008

Visiting Scholar Taku Sugimoto: Interpersonal Communication in Japan
GSLIS Visiting Scholar Taku Sugimoto, associate professor, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
Spring 2008 Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
slides | audio recorded 02/20/2008

North-South Conflicts Over Intellectual Property Rights: Underlying Issues and Contemporary Flash-Points
Dr. Susan Sell gave the inaugural lecture in the new "Information in Society" speaker series.
audio recorded 02/08/2008

Town Hall Meeting on New Library Service Models
University Librarian and Dean of Libraries Paula Kaufman discusses the new service model proposal and review process.
More information about the many new service models under consideration can be found here.
audio recorded 02/08/2008

Alistair Black gave a public lecture entitled, "Socially Controlled Space or Public-Sphere Third Place? The Design of Adult and Children's Reading Rooms in British Public Libraries Before World War II."
Alistair Black is a professor of library & information history at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.
audio recorded 02/05/2008