2009 Digital Divide Lecture Series

19th Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture
"Isolation and Information Famine Stifling Africa's Growth"

Ellen Tise, Senior Director of Library and Information Services, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
streaming audio | mp3 recorded 10/22/09

"International Comparative Studies: Has Library Science Missed the Boat"
Peter Lor, immediate past Secretary General of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA); Visiting Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
audio 10/19/09 | handout | Powerpoint

"The Structure of ''Churn'': How Web Site Traffic Changes Over Time, and Why It Matters"
Matthew Hindman, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Arizona State University
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio 10/12/09

"Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology"
Allan Collins is Professor Emeritus of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio stream recorded 10/5/09 | mp3 | handout

Introduction to Topic Maps
Patrick Durusau Convener, Topic Maps Working Group, ISO slides | audio | mp3 Recorded 9/30/09

"Modeling and Design of Scientific Workflows with Data Assembly Lines, Provenance, and Semantic Types"
Bertram Ludaescher, Professor, Department of Computer Science, member of the faculty at the UC Davis Genome Center, University of California, Davis.
CIRSS Lectures
audio stream recorded 09/21/09

"A New Model for Spanish Service Learning "

Ann Abbott, Director of Advanced Spanish Language and an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
audio stream | slides

"Exploring Information History: The Past through the Eyes of the Information Age"
Dr. Toni Weller, Senior Lecturer in history at De Montfort University, Leicester and Honorary Fellow of the Department of Information Science, City University, London
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio stream recorded 08/31/09 | mp3

"eBlack Studies: Rediscovering our origins as we look to the future...Sankofa...Reboot"
Abdul Alkalimat
African-American Studies Librarians section, Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
audio stream recorded 07/12/09 | mp3 | slides

"Computer Security Workshop"
University of Illinois Campus Security
Sponsored by the GSLIS Help Desk
audio recorded 06/26/09

"Libraries, Archives, and Museums in the Information Age"
Paul Marty, Professor, College of Information, Florida State University
audio recorded 06/22/09

How Do Lawyers Behave When Using Electronic Legal Resources?
Stephann Makri, Research Fellow in Information Science at University College London
audio stream recorded 06/09/09 | slides | video demo

LIS Library Retirement Celebration Remarks
Sue Searing, Sandy Wolf, Lori Miller, Paula Kaufman, Linda Smith, Julia Derden
audio stream recorded 05/15/09 | mp3

"GIS in the Upper Sangamon Watershed"
Miriam A. Cope , Sara McLafferty, Bruce M. Rhoads
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
audio recorded 04/29/09 | slides

"Working Knowledge: Why Labor Matters for Information Studies"
Vincent Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society and Professor of Sociology, Queen's University, Canada
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio 04/27/09

"Empowering Latino Communities to Address Health Disparities"
Ben Mueller, assistant director, Community Development, National Center for Rural Health Professions
audio recorded 04/24/09 | slides | Nuevos Horizontes slides | Nuevos Horizontes sound file

"Professional Development at the Speed of Change"
Lori Goetsch, President-elect of ACRL and Dean of the libraries at Kansas State University
UIUC University Library Colloquium
audio recorded 04/23/09

"The Biological Computing Lab: A Radical Piece of CU History"
Kevin Hamilton, Biological Computer Laboratory (BCL)
audio recorded 04/22/09 | slides

"From Ulaan Baatar to iPhone: A Digital Library for the World's Children"
Benjamin B. Bederson, Associate Professor of Computer Science and the previous director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and iSchool at the University of Maryland.
audio recorded 04/20/09 | slides

GSLIS Storytelling Festival recorded 04/18/09

  • Introduction, Christine Jenkins, Kate McDowell audio
  • Free Kittens told by Anna Harmann audio
  • How the Cat Came Indoors told by Megan Hayes audio
  • George Washington Rabbit told by Sara Snider audio
  • Elsa & the Wizard (A Swedish Tale) told by Tina Ladika audio
  • The Day it Snowed Tortillas told by Katie Bruce audio
  • The King Who Knew Best told by Lizz Zitron audio
  • The One told by Ying Yi Fong audio
  • The Hermit's Son told by Sara Quinn Thompson audio
  • The Three Fairies told by Erica Voell audio
  • The Donkey Bride told by Kate Quealy audio
  • The Tiger & the Little Frog told by Minjie Chen audio
  • The Bremen Town Musicians told by Sue Searing audio
  • Gifts of Gold told by Amani Ayad audio
  • The Shadow on the Wall told by Mary Lu Bretsch audio

GSLIS Research Showcase April 6, 2009

  • Opening Remarks, John Unsworth
  • Introduction, Les Gasser
  • "Buildings, Books and Social Engineering: Early Public Library Buildings in Britain from Past to Present," Alistair Black
    audio | slides
  • "Space and Cyberspace in Chicago's Ethnic, Diasporan Communities," Kate Williams
    audio | slides
  • "One View of Information Analysis, Two Visions of Systematizing Knowledge Organization (KO): A Comparison of the Indexing Theories of Paul Otlet and Julius Otto Kaiser," Thomas Dousa
    audio | slides
  • 'Music and Audio Information Retrieval Research at GSLIS,' Stephen Downie
    audio | slides
  • "Biotech and the Knowledge Commons," Wilhelm Peekhaus
    audio | slides
  • 'How to Read In a Digital Library," Bonnie Mak
    audio | slides
  • 'The Origin of Chinese American Children's Literature: An Historical Study," Minjie Chen
    audio | slides
  • 'Automated Discovery of Social Networks in Text-Based Online Communities,' Anatoliy Gruzd
    audio | slides

"Open Source Biology: Delivering Redistributive Justice for a Creative Biological Commons"
Dr. Bronwyn Parry
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio 04/07/09

Windsor Lecture Series
"The Perfect Storm"
Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Library Digital Programs and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University.
audio recorded 03/11/2009 | mp3 | slides
Videos shown during talk: video 1 | video 2

Gryphon Lecture Series
"What's So Funny About Children's Literature?"
Dr. Karen Coats, Illinois State University
Sponsored by the Youth Literature Interest Group (YLIG)
audio recorded 03/06/2009

"After the windfall: Sustainable broadband infrastructure in the long view"
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
Christian Sandvig, Associate Professor, Communication & Research Associate Professor, Coordinated Science Laboratory, UIUC
Matt Crain, Doctoral Student, Institute of Communications Research, UIUC
Emily Shaw, C.A.S. Student, Library and Information Science, UIUC
audio recorded 2/25/2009 | slides

"Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society, and Participation"
Karen Mossberger, Associate Professor of Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Information in Society Speaker Series
powerpoint 02/23/09

"The "All-White World of Children's Books" in the Post-war Era: Call Me Charley and the Integration of American Children's Literature. "
Fern Kory, Professor of English, Eastern Illinois University
audio recorded 02/13/09

"Mysteries of Scholarly Publishing"
Willis Regier, Director of the University of Illinois Press
Information in Society Speaker Series
audio recorded 02/02/09

"Community Informatics in Business Education"
Community Informatics Initiative (CII) Speaker Series
John W. Kindt, Professor of Business and Legal Policy in the Department of Business Administration, UIUC
audio recorded 01/28/2009