Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"The Center for Digital Inclusion"
Jon Gant, Research Associate Professor, UIUC GSLIS, and Director, proposed Center for Digital Inclusion
Martin Wolske, Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Faculty, UIUC GSLIS
Video Recorded 12/12/2012

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Immigrants and Latino Communities"
Ricardo Diaz, Office of Extension
Video Recorded 12/5/2012

CIRSS Seminar Series
"Representing Identity and Equivalence for Scientific Data"
Karen Wickett, GSLIS PhD student
Audio Recorded 11/30/12

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Legal Support and Legal Aid"
Valerie McWilliams, managing attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, and Stacie Colston Patterson, outreach coordinator, Illinois Legal Aid Online
Video Recorded 11/28/2012

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Beyond the Farm Gate: Alternative Farmers' Use of Social Media and its Impact on Social Capital and Business Viability"
Katie Abrams, Interim Director and Assistant Professor, U of I Agricultural Communications/College of Media/ACES, and Abigail Sackmann, Research Assistant, U of I Agricultural Communications, and GSLIS master's student
Sackmann slides | Video Recorded 11/14/2012

"White Screen/White Noise: Racism on the Internet"
Online panel hosted by the Inclusions and Exclusions Reading Group and originally presented at the 2012 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC)
Heather McCann, Urban Studies & Planning and GIS Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Myrna E. Morales, Technology Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region; Rebecca Martin, Library Coordinator, Yvonne Pappenheim Library on Anti-Racism at Community Change, Inc.; Stacie Williams, Lexington Public Library/Reference Librarian at Transylvania University
Audio Recorded 11/8/12

"Testing the Limits of a 'Comprehensive and Efficient Service': Public Library Services in the UK's Big Society"
Anne Goulding, PhD, GSLIS research fellow and reader in information services management in the Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, UK
Audio Recorded 10/31/12

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Music Librarianship & Technology"
John Wagstaff, Head of Music and Performing Arts Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Video Recorded 10/31/2012

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
Dr. William Schuh, Chief Medical Information Officer, Carle Foundation Hospital, and Jerry Dewitt (Respondent), Library Manager,Carle Foundation Hospital
"Electronic Records at Carle Hospital"
Schuh & DeWitt Slides | Video Recorded 10/24/2012

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
Donald Owen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Urbana School District 16
"Issues Facing K-12 Education"
Video Recorded 10/17/2012

CIRSS Seminar Series
"Check out where I am!": Preferences and Behaviors in Location-Sharing as an Interactive Practice"
Sameer Patil, Research Scientist, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) in Helsinki, Finland, and Adjunct Research Scientist in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, Bloomington
Audio Recorded 10/12/12

"It's Not Just Privacy, Porn, and Pipe Bombs: Libraries and the Ethics of Service"
Lane Wilkinson, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Co-sponsored by GSLIS and the University Library
Audio Recorded 10/12/12

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
Michael Dilley, Fire Chief, Urbana Fire Rescue Services
"Digital Divide: Urbana Fire Department"
Video Recorded 10/10/2012

CIRSS Seminar Series
"The McHarg Lecture Revisited: The Changing Conduct of Geoscience in a Data Intensive World"
Peter Fox, Professor and Tetherless World Research Constellation Chair, Climate Variability and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Audio Recorded 10/5/12

CIRSS Seminar Series
"Value and Context in Data Use: Domain Analysis Revisited," a preview for ASIS&T 2012
Nic Weber, GSLIS PhD student
Audio Recorded 9/28/12

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Churches and Technology"
Reverend Willie G. Comer, Pastor, Berean Covenant Church; Will Kyles, City Councilman, Champaign; Chris Hamb, Chrisp Media
Video Recorded 9/26/2012

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"First Call for Help & Social Work"
Annie Clay, Director, Help Book Online; Barry Ackerson (respondent), Associate Dean and MSW Program Director, U of I School of Social Work
Video Recorded 9/19/2012

"Can Technology Serve Social Justice?"
Virginia Eubanks, Information Scholar-Activist and Cofounder of two grassroots community
MP3 Audio

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Museum of the Grand Prairie & Stake Family History Center"
Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey, Assistant Director, Museum of the Grand Prairie; Jed L. Taylor, Stake Family History Center
Video | Slides Recorded 9/12/2012

CIRSS Seminar Series
"Scaling Digital Humanities on (and Utilizing) the Web"
Kevin Page, Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford University
Audio Recorded 9/7/12

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband"
Mike Smeltzer, UC2B and U of I CITES Director of Networking and Acting Director of Physical Infrastructure
Video Recorded 9/5/2012

CIRSS Seminar Series
"Improving Retrieval of Short Texts Through Document Expansion"
Miles Efron, GSLIS Assistant Professor; Piotr Organisciak and Katrina Fenlon (co-authors), GSLIS students
Audio Recorded 8/31/12

eChicago 2012
2012 marked the sixth year of eChicago, which brings together practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to facilitate discussion that will help Chicago become a more digital and democratic city. Keynote talks were presented by Joyce Latham, assistant professor, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee School of Information Studies; Philip Neustrom, co-founder of localwiki.org; Greg Wass, CIO, Cook County; and David Johnson, former mayor of Harvey, Illinois, and professor emeritus, South Suburban College. Resources available online include the full program, video, audio, presentation slides, tweets, and speaker biographies
Recorded 4/20 - 4/21/12

Windsor Lecture Series
"Memory Organizations and Evidence to Support Scholarship in the 21st Century"
Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information
Abstract and speaker biography
MP3 Audio Recorded 4/17/12

"Ensuring Long-Term Access to Personal Digital Archiving"
Ensuring long term access to personal digital archives—the sum of an individual's digital information and creative works—is an unsolved problem, but the need, and variety of proposed solutions, is growing daily. The early work of the Nobel prize winners of the 2030s and 2040s is likely to be born digital, and is therefore at risk in ways that previous scientific and literary creations were not. Over the last three years, discussions at the Personal Digital Archiving conferences held at the Internet Archive, have helped to develop the beginnings of a research agenda that a number of key questions. As part of the Illinois Data Research Initiative (IRDI), this presentation by Jeff Ubois, founder and chair of the Personal Digital Archiving conferences, summarized some of the suggestions and ideas discussed over the last three years, and some possibilities for future work.
Video presentation Recorded 4/12/12

"The Discipline of Organizing"
Robert Glushko discussed the development of his book, The Discipline of Organizing. Robert J. Glushko is an adjunct full professor in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. After receiving his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at UC San Diego in 1979, he spent about ten years working in corporate R&D, about ten years as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and now has worked ten years as an academic. His interests and expertise include information systems and service design, content management, electronic publishing, internet commerce, and human factors is computing systems. He founded or co-founded four companies, including Veo Systems in 1997, which pioneered the use of XML for electronic business before its acquisition by Commerce One in 1999.
MP3 audio Recorded 4/10/12
| Slides

Disaster Response in Cultural Institutions: A Workshop for Library, Archives, and Museum Students
Disasters and emergencies affect cultural institutions everyday, yet according to the Heritage Health Index, 80% of U.S. collection institutions do not have a written disaster plan that includes collections with staff trained to carry it out. Add a new and attractive skill to your resume by learning how to develop a collections disaster plan and form a response team! Be the new employee that can start disaster preparedness at your institution, whether it is a library, archives, or museum. This three-hour workshop covers some common emergencies that affect cultural institutions, what you need to know to create a disaster plan, and how to form a disaster response team based on FEMA's Incident Command System model. Presented by Jessica Lapinsky and sponsored by the SAA Student Chapter.
MP3 audio
Recorded 3/31/12 | Slides

Digital Media and Learning 2012 Brown Bag Discussion
GSLIS doctoral students Brittany Smith and Colin Rhinesmith hosted a discussion of the Digital and Media Learning 2012 Conference, "an annual event supported by the MacArthur Foundation and organized by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub located at the UC Humanities Research Institute, University of California, Irvine."
MP3 Audio Recorded 3/27/12

"Data Access for Research and Teaching in the 21st Century"
Dr. Myron Gutmann, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation
Presented as part of the Illinois Research Data Initiative (IRDI), Dr. Gutmann's presentation addressed how the scientific community is facing new opportunities and new requirements in the ways that data are managed and made available for future research.
MP3 Audio Recorded 3/15/12

Gryphon Lecture
"Grounding our Perspectives on Children's Literature"

Dr. Margaret Mackey, Professor, School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta
MP3 Audio Recorded 03/1/12