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LIS Research Methods Roundtable: Usability Studies
Panelists: Kirstin Dougan, Music and Performing Arts Librarian; Jim Hahn, Orientation Services and Environments Librarian at the Undergraduate Library; and Michael Twidale, iSchool Professor
Audio Recorded 10/28/13

"Thinking Historically about Digital Libraries"
Raphaëlle Bats, International Relations Officer, École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques (Enssib) and 2012-2014 iSchool research fellow
Audio Recorded 10/25/13

Sixth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
"On the Way to Participatory Democracy in Libraries"
Raphaëlle Bats, International Relations Officer, École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques (Enssib) and 2012-2014 iSchool research fellow
Video (MP4 and FLV) recorded 10/24/13

"Designing Digital Memorials"
Anne Balsamo, Dean of the School of Media Studies and Professor of Media Studies, New School for Public Engagement, New York City
Audio | Prezi Recorded 9/23/13

Sixth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
Brian Bell, Digital Equality Initiative
Video recorded 9/19/13

23rd Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture
"Community Libraries as Platforms for Sustainable Development"
Sanjana Shrestha, Country Director for READ Nepal
Audio Recorded 9/17/13

Sixth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series
Marisa Duarte, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow for American Indian Studies
Video recorded 9/5/13

"At the Nexus of Digital Information, Psychology, and Society: Opportunities and Future Prospects"
Masooda Bashir, Ph.D., Information Trust Institute, Coordinated Science Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Audio Recorded 5/10/13

Windsor Lecture Series: “Inquiry in the Digital Age”
Barbara Stripling, ALA President-Elect, Assistant Professor of Practice at Syracuse University, and former Director of Library Services for NYC Public Schools
Abstract and speaker biography
Audio Recorded 4/17/13

LIS Methods Roundtable: Interviews and Focus Groups
Panelists: Emily Knox, iSchool Assistant Professor; Kathryn La Barre, iSchool Associate Professor; and Sarah Williams, Life Sciences Data Services Librarian at Funk ACES Library
Audio Recorded 4/15/13

2012 GSLIS Research Showcase
March 29, 2013

  • Introduction: J. Stephen Downie, Allen Renear, and Peter Schiffer | Audio
  • Reading Practices and Intellectual Freedom Research: Emily J. M. Knox | Audio | Slides | Video
  • Site-Based Data Curation at Yellowstone National Park: Carole Palmer, Virgil Varvel, Bruce Fouke, Ann Rodman, Sayeed Choudhury, Andrea Thomer, Karen Baker, Abby Asangba & Karen Wickett | Audio | Slides | Video
  • Building Digital Communities, CDI as a Catalyst for Change: Jon Gant, LaEisha Meaderds & Shavion Scott | Audio | Slides | Video
  • A "Mixed" Bag: Searching for Hapa Characters in Youth Literature: Karla Lucht | Audio | Slides | Video
  • Connecting: Adding an Affective Domain to a Cognitive Information Behavior Theory: Nicole Cooke | Audio | Slides | Video
  • HathiTrust Research Center: New Frontiers in Digital Scholarship: J. Stephen Downie, Craig Willis & Kahyun Choi | Audio | Slides | Video
  • The Significance of Time and Place: Preserving Virtual Worlds and Carmen Sandiego: Rhiannon Bettivia | Audio | Slides | Video
  • GSLIS at the Text REtrieval Conference—Retrieving and Filtering Real-Time Data: Miles Efron | Audio | Slides | Video
  • Children, Critics, Comics & the Researcher: Carol Tilley | Audio | Slides | Video
  • Closing Remarks and Questions | Audio

LIS Methods Roundtable: Survey Research
Panelists: Kate Williams, GSLIS Assistant Professor; Jenny Emmanual, Digital Services and Reference Librarian; Virgil Varvel, CIRSS Research Analyst and GSLIS Adjunct Faculty Member
Audio Recorded 3/04/13

2013 Gryphon Lecture
"Paradoxically Speaking: Just One of the Ways Children's Folktales Engage Listeners"
Brian Sturm, Associate Professor, Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Audio Recorded 3/01/13 | Slides

“Critical Cultural Informatics: Twitter and Black Discourse”
André Brock, GSLIS alumnus, PhD ’07
Presented as part of Black Geek Week
Sponsored by the Inclusions and Exclusions Reading Group
Audio Recorded 2/19/13