Library Trends

Library Trends, issued quarterly and edited by Lisa Hinchliffe (MS '94), explores critical trends in professional librarianship, including practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the School by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Back issues (1952 through two years prior to the current issue) are available online through IDEALS, the digital repository for scholarly works produced at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Both practicing librarians and educators use Library Trends as an essential tool in their professional development and continuing education. Each issue is devoted to a single aspect of professional activity or interest. Every year, Library Trends covers a wide variety of themes from special libraries to emerging technologies.

Library Trends' themes touch the concerns of the entire library community, from administrators of major libraries to educators in information science. Our contributors are practicing librarians and scholars. Subscribers include college and research libraries, public libraries, library systems and networks, special libraries, and international college and research libraries.

Procedures for Proposing and Guest Editing an Issue of Library Trends

Library Trends publishes guest-edited issues on special topics. It does not accept single-article submissions; i.e., unsolicited articles are not accepted.

Recommendations about topics for issues of Library Trends are made by professional librarians, archivists, and other information personnel, by members of the faculties of schools of library and information science, and by others whose concern is with issues of the management of cultural heritage.

Issue editors volunteer to develop issues within their particular areas of interest. An issue editor proposes the theme and scope of a new issue, draws up a list of prospective authors and article topics, calls for submissions to each issue, arranges for peer review of each article, provides short annotations of each included article's scope, and prepares a statement of philosophy guiding the issue's development.

The style and tone of the journal is formal rather than journalistic or popular. Library Trends reviews current theory and practice and identifies and evaluates new directions of both practice and research. Papers must represent original work. Extensive updates of previously published papers are acceptable, but revisions or adaptations of published work are not acceptable. Both issue proposals and the papers they contain are subject to rigorous external review.

Please send your ideas, inquiries, or issue proposal to:

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