Audit Policy

An “auditor” is only a listener in the classes attended; he or she is not a participant in any part of the exercises. While the University allows auditors to attend courses with instructor and dean permission, the iSchool has specific policies on auditing of iSchool courses as defined by both the modality of the course and the type of student.

Degree Seeking Students

Online and Hybrid Courses: Due to technology requirements for online courses―including student University affiliation, expected online course interaction and human resources―auditing of online iSchool courses is not permitted.

On-Campus Courses: Auditing of on-campus courses by degree seeking students is permitted with instructor and assistant dean of student affairs approval only.  Please note that once a course is audited, it cannot be retaken for credit towards a degree.  To officially audit a course, please complete the Auditor Permit and return it to the iSchool’s Admissions and Records Officer, pames [at] (Penny Ames), who will submit it to the Graduate College for final processing.  Auditor Permits must be received by the 10th day of class.  For more details and fee information see the Graduate College Handbook

Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree seeking students are not permitted to audit either online/hybrid or on-campus iSchool courses.  Students in this category must apply and enroll in iSchool courses through our Continuing Education process.   

Questions about auditing courses may be directed to mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards,) assistant dean for student affairs.


*For faculty who need to invite guests to their classrooms, please visit the Guest Policy