Guest Policy

From time to time, instructors invite guests into their classroom. Guest lecturers, visiting scholars and others become involved in classes to provide pedagogical enrichment.

In addition to these invited guests, faculty may receive inquiries from non-students about the possibility of informally joining a class.

In determining feasibility of guest participation, there are a number of issues to consider prior to recommending access, including:

  1. Is the involvement of the guest beneficial for the guest, instructor, and students?
  2. What resources (e.g., technology training and support) are needed to ensure adequate involvement?
  3. Would another type of access (e.g., community credit) offer a better fit for the guest's need?
  4. Will the time spent in class potentially provide any unfair advantage-i.e., in relation to current students and/or future study in the School?

Instructor permission is required for classroom access. Guest participation dependent on special access to School resources also requires administrative or core faculty approval.

Questions? Contact mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards), assistant dean for student affairs.