Hiring and Search Process

Overview of the Search Process

The information below briefly summarizes the steps involved in the School's search process. Additional information can be found in the Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Appointments manual.

Hiring Requests

All hiring activity requires approval of the Dean. Please fill out a Hiring Request Form and forward to lkelso [at] illinois.edu (Lori Kelso) and cledward [at] illinois.edu (Candy Edwards) for approval and processing. A Hiring Request Form is only needed for new positions not included in the approved Hiring Plan and is not necessary for filling a vacancy.

PAPE/Job Description

A new or updated PAPE/Job Description is needed for all positions. Please forward to lkelso [at] illinois.edu (Lori Kelso) and cledward [at] illinois.edu (Candy Edwards) for processing.

Search Committee

The search committee should consist of a chair plus 3-5 committee members and should be diverse by race and gender whenever possible. The direct supervisor cannot be part of the search committee but should play a role in the on-campus interviews.

Diversity Advocate

The primary role of the Diversity Advocate is to be an advocate for diversity in the search process and encourage the committee to be sensitive to unconscious bias that could arise in discussions and review. The Diversity Advocate should be present at the first search committee meeting to explain this role.

Retiree Rehire Information

In compliance with the State of Illinois Return to Work limitations, a new Retiree Rehire procedure has been established for all University of Illinois retirees and all other State University Retirement System annuitants. Any potential employee who is receiving an annuity from SURS or any retiree who formerly worked for the University of Illinois must gain pre-approval through the Retiree Rehire process prior to employment being offered. Please contact cledward [at] illinois.edu (Candy Edwards) for additional information.

Additional Resources