Staff Professional Development

Funding of $1,000 per year is available to each staff member for elective professional development (as distinguished from required professional development activities). For staff of the various centers (CCB, the proposed CDI, CIRSS, etc.), these funds will be pro-rated by pay source. If the individual is 100% on the center's budget, the professional development should be part of that budget. If the individual is 25% on the School's budget, then he or she receives 25% of $1,000, etc. If the individual is teaching, he or she can utilize the formula for adjuncts: for each course taught, the individual qualifies for 25% of the annual faculty allotment (assuming that a full-time load is four courses per year). In any case, the maximum allotment would be $1,000. Staff requests should be submitted to cmhopper [at] (Christine Hopper).

At the campus level, the Office of the Provost provides the Academic Professional Development Fund, a source of funds for academic professional staff members (permanent/non-visiting with appointments of 50% or more) to take advantage of professional development opportunities.