Travel Support: Faculty

The School provides a limited amount of funding each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to support professional travel by regular and adjunct faculty.

Core faculty are allotted a maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year to support their professional travel. Core faculty are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding from campus as noted below.

Adjunct faculty are allotted a maximum of $500 per semester to support their travel when presenting at a conference. Travel support may be provided for conference attendance only and will be reviewed by the associate dean for academic programs on an individual basis.

Please see the Travel Process for complete instructions on submitting requests for travel and for reimbursement of travel.

Other Campus Sources of Funding

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Scholars' Travel Fund, for faculty to present original papers at scholarly meetings.

Office of the Provost

Teaching Advancement Board, includes Travel and Workshop Grants in support of teaching advancement

Illinois International Programs

Illinois International offers grants, scholarships, and awards to support travel, research abroad, and language study as well as internationally-focused workshops or conferences.

International Research Travel Grants are intended to fund travel and related expenses outside of the United States for purposes of international research, both basic and applied, and for a maximum of $4,000 per award.

International Conference Grants are available through the International Council to support small conferences involving leading experts on important topics of current scholarly interest that have a substantive international content, to a maximum of $12,000 per award.

Updated March 2017