Travel Process

The travel process requires the completion of two forms:

  • The Travel Request Form, which is completed before travel occurs and
  • The Travel Reimbursement Form, which is completed after travel occurs.

Pre-trip approval

University policy requires all travel to be authorized and approved prior to the trip. This is accomplished by completing a Travel Request Form. This form not only satisfies policy, it aids the administrative staff in efficiently processing reimbursements. Send the completed form to:

  • Core faculty should send travel requests to ischool-dean [at] (the Dean's Office.)
  • Adjunct faculty should send travel requests to lcsmith [at] (Professor Linda Smith.)
  • Staff should send travel requests to their supervisor.
  • Students requesting travel associated with their job (i.e., in support of grant work) should send travel requests to their supervisor. (This differs from student travel awards. Student travel awards are given to students for participation in conferences related to their coursework. See Student Travel Support for requesting a travel award.)

Travel Reimbursement

The iSchool complies with all University policies and rules governing reimbursement of travel and other expenses (see Section 15 in the University Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual).

Requests for travel reimbursements should be submitted within 30 calendar days of completing the travel. In compliance with IRS regulations, a business expense reimbursement to an employee may be considered taxable income to the employee if the request for the reimbursement is not received by University Payables within 60 calendar days of the last date of travel (for travel reimbursements), or the date the business expense was paid or incurred.

Reimbursement requests should include a Travel Reimbursement Request Form and the following documentation:

  • Original receipts: Original receipts are required and need to indicate payment method. If payment method (Visa, MC, cash, etc.) is not indicated, a copy of your credit card statement is needed.
  • Conference presentation: If you made a presentation at the conference, please include a copy of the conference page listing your presentation.
  • Conference hotel: Include a copy of the conference page listing the names of the conference hotel(s).
  • Meal per diem: To request per diem, a copy of the conference itinerary is needed. Per diem rates for domestic travel are available in the University Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Personal car: To request mileage using your personal car, please include directions to your destination such as MapQuest or Google Maps.

The completed Travel Request Form should be on file with the iSchool front office. The Reimbursement Request cannot be processed without an approved Travel Request.

Requests for travel assistance should be submitted to:

Christine Hopper, Assistant to the Dean
112F Library and Information Science Building, MC-493
501 East Daniel Street
Champaign, Illinois 61820-6211
tel. (217) 244-5600, fax (217) 244-3302
cmhopper [at]

Updated March 2017