Visiting Students Policy

Students who are enrolled in a graduate program at another university may apply for visiting student status at the iSchool for up to two semesters, under the following conditions:

  • Their living expenses are covered by a source outside the University of Illinois (and in the case of international students, that support can be demonstrated in advance to be at the level required by the US government), and
  • Any coursework at the iSchool is not to be applied toward a degree.

In addition, one of the following two conditions must be met:

  1. They have an invitation from one of the three research centers in the School and they are prepared to commit to volunteer for 20 hours a week with that Center while they are an iSchool student; or
  2. They are applying from an institution with which the School has a bilateral student or faculty exchange program.

Finally, if the visitor expects to take courses, he or she should be prepared to pay tuition at the appropriate (in-state or out-of-state) rate.

In order to apply under condition 1, above, please contact the director of the appropriate research center:

In order to apply under condition 2, please ischool-dean [at] (contact the dean).