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Associate Professor and Associate Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship

PhD, Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine

303 LIS
(217) 333-0115
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Biomedical informatics, natural language processing, evidence-based discovery, learning health systems, socio-technical systems, data analytics, literature-based discovery.

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Department Affiliate, Computer Science
Department Affiliate, Medical Information Science


Catherine Blake is an associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with affiliate appointments in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Medical Information Science. At the iSchool, she serves as associate director of the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship and is an active member of the Socio-technical Data Analytics group.

Her primary research goal is to accelerate scientific discovery by synthesizing evidence from text. Her techniques embrace both automated and human approaches that are required to resolve contradictions and redundancies that are inevitable in an information-intensive world.

Blake earned master’s and doctoral degrees in information and computer science at the University of California, Irvine and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science at the University of Wollongong.


Introduction to Databases (IS490DB)
Text Mining (IS590TX)

Research Projects

Socio-technical Data Analytics (SODA) Education

This project will create both a master’s and doctoral-level specialization in Socio-technical Data Analytics (SODA). Partnerships with local researchers and businesses who already work with large data-sets will enable master's graduates to receive first-hand experience with both the social and technical implications of large digital data collections, and thus be well-prepared for leadership roles in academic and corporate environments.

Information Forum Requirements to Promote Knowledge Capture, Knowledge Sharing, and Community Interaction on the VHA Data Portal

iSchool faculty members Catherine Blake and Michael Twidale are working as expert advisors to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Information Resource Center (VIReC) on a project to analyze the socio-technical aspects of VA’s HSRData-L Listserv. VIReC is a VA Health Service Research & Development Service (HSR&D) resource center that supports VA researchers in need of information about data resources specific to their research.

Big Data-Theoretic Approach to Quantify Organizational Failure Mechanisms in Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Catastrophic events such as Fukushima and Katrina have made it clear that integrating physical and social causes of failure into a cohesive modeling framework is critical in order to prevent complex technological accidents and to maintain public safety and health. In this research, experts in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA), Organizational Behavior and Information Science and Data Analytics disciplines collaborate to provide answers to the following key questions: what social and organizational factors affect technical system risk; how and why do these factors influence risk; and how much do they contribute to risk? In addition to scientific contributions to organizational science,...

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Data Analytics, Health and Bioinformatics, Information Literacy, Information Practices and Behaviors, Informetrics, collaborative environments, data mining, e-science, human-computer interaction, information management, information systems, knowledge management, knowledge representation, research, text mining, biological and health informatics