Katrina S. Fenlon

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Digital Humanities (IS590DHO)


Areas of Research: 

My current research focuses on digital collections, ranging from organizational and descriptive problems in large digital libraries, to the creation and use of highly curated collections of evidence in the humanities. In particular, I am interested in collections as one piece of the rapidly evolving machinery of scholarly communication, and as related to humanities data sharing and alternative and open digital publishing. My previous work has focused on metadata semantics, representation, analysis, and evaluation; subject analysis in large collections of information; the development, design, use, and evaluation of cultural heritage aggregations and large-scale digital libraries; and library publishing and scholarly communication practices.

Field Exam Area: 

Information organization and access


Thematic research collections: Libraries and the evolution of alternative digital publishing in the humanities

Director of Dissertation Research: 

Carole Palmer


PhD, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (in progress)
MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

BA, Claremont McKenna College, 2006

Selected Publications, Papers and Presentations: 

Fenlon, K. (2016). Publishing Without Walls: Understanding the needs of scholars in a contemporary publishing environment. IFLA Satellite Meeting: Libraries as Publishers (Ann Arbor, MI, Aug. 10-12).

Palmer, Carole L., Zavalina, Oksana, Fenlon, Katrina. 2010. Beyond size and search: Building contextual mass in digital aggregations for scholarly use. In Proceedings of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. (Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 22-27).

Efron, Miles, Organisciak, Peter, Fenlon, Katrina (forthcoming). Building Topic Models in a Federated Digital Library Through Selective Document Exclusion. Proceedings of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, Oct. 9-12, 2011).

Fenlon, Katrina, Organisciak, Peter, Jett, Jacob, Efron, Miles (forthcoming). Semi-automated Collection Evaluation for Large-scale Aggregations. Poster accepted at ASIS&T Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, Oct. 9-12, 2011).

Jett, Jacob, Palmer, Carole L., Fenlon, Katrina, Chao, Zoe (2010). Extending the Reach of our Collective Cultural Heritage: The IMLS DCC Flickr Feasibility Study. Poster presented at ASIS&T Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 22-27, 2010).

Honors and Awards: 

Best paper, ASIS&T Annual Meeting 2011 (for Efron, M., Organisciak, P., Fenlon, K. (2011). Building topic models in a federated digital library through selective document exclusion).

Related Topics

Data Curation, Design and Evaluation of Information Systems and Services, Digital Humanities, Foundations of Information, Information Access, Information Practices and Behaviors, Libraries and Librarianship, Organization of Knowledge and Information